Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sungai Ranggam

Can i let u into my little secret?

I could not remember routes and directions. I couldnt read maps also. Once i used gps, and it makes me extremely nervous. I always messed up the Left and Right direction too.

So whenever I want to go somewhere for the first time, Jie is d first person i called. To ask for directions. And i insisted he typed it as text message, i kept all of them until now.

His instructions would be something like, " exit tol xxx, turn left, tandanya kat tepi tu ada pokok condong, then go straight.. sampai nampak masjid kat kiri, turn right. go straight ada 4 traffic lights. after Kedai beskal kaler oren, ada simpang masuk kiri."

See... siap ngan landmark sekali. I remember all those by heart.

Unless kalau pokok tu kena tebang, merabanla jugak sudahnya.. But thats another story tho.

Opps dah lari topik la plak.

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