Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tips kurus badan untuk anak2 saudara

I m glad we hv fb, so could monitored what my nieces r doing n thinking (yeah rite). One of them was surfing tips kurus for her sister. Well she said its her sister who pestering her, but i doubt it...

For teenagers, here d tips given by my students and it works!!

1. Rice - once a week only.
One girl cut down from xxl t0 m within a year by cutting rice in her diet.

2. Plain water instead ayo sirap, ayo teh, ayo whatever
Consume a glass of plain water before every meal is the secret..

3. Cream crackers instead of junk food.
Because their science teacher taught them gastritis and aneroxic an all, so NEVER starved yourself to death. Its not pretty at all. so whenever u r feeling hungry, a piece of cream cracker is enuff to shut ur stomach (it has tendency growling in public ok).. but never mistook thirsty for hungry, drink a glass of plain water first but if u still feeling hungry.. then grab the cream crackers.

4. never skip meals
or else ur mom will nag.. (diorang ckp)

5. balanced diet
yeah rite, this one please refer to Health textbook because as they told me, their mom who prepared the meal n have their say in what to eat.

6. exercise.
dancing is one of them. or walking to the shop for window shopping is a gud one too. (diorang cakap ye, bukan mak andak)

7. if possible NEVER eat outside food,
because the hawker do not know u r on diet.

8. state a target and work on it..
how much u want to lose? by when? how would u achieve it

9. Record ur progress.
save you pocket money and invest on a weight scale.

10. Moderation.
Eat anything ur heart's desire, but with a minuscule portion of course..

Tu je yg mak andak ingat....


Izan Hasrin said...

thanx andak.. ni tips utk izan gak ni.. hehehe.. trossss rasa bkobar2 nak kurus laaaa.. :)

Sueozana said...

Salam Andak..

Smoga Andak dirahmati Allah s.w.t..

Wahh...100% kak sue stuju dg tips andak ni.. Kak sue mtak izin panjangkan ke blog kak sue, mdah2n dpat manfaatkan pembaca di sana.. Ada masa datanglag blog akak kalo sudi..

Kengkawan said...

sama jugak... andak pun lebih kurang je... la ni bebudak mmg particular abt their diet ler.. form 1 chubby, masuk form 2, perghhh dah slim giler in a healthy way la kan) jeless

Kengkawan said...

Kak Sue
Salam.. Marhaban kak..

ini bukan tips andak, was given by my students... feel free to re-published ye untuk kepentingan bersama heheheh