Saturday, December 04, 2010

Budget Tax Commentary

Yesterday morning my mom asked me to accompany her shopping. X kan la saya nak kata x nak pulak kan, besides i juz loove shopping with my mom. Havent seen her much lately.

But then it was hot n humid. We had quick lunch at her fav restaurant. Then on the way home it was pouring heavily. The vision became blurred n taktentupasal my head spinning.

So i went back to 12A, had some squid rings n potatoes n a bottle of mango yogurt bliss. Yes a BIG bottle. Must say it was not a gud combination, because after sometime had loya2 n muntah2 time. It was awful n messy. Thanx god a good fren came n offered some sour fruits. A blessing.

Seriously, i dont remember had this horrible experience in my entire life. The next morning when i woke up, the very thing i want to do is, stay away from food and had some physical exercise, no way I want to stay on the bed.. again!

Luckily since 9a.m, tnb had announced the power failure n air pun mcm xder jugak. Had no prob persuading Yatie, my neighbour to go shopping @ Mutiara D. Of course we had gud times, she bought 3 pots of orchids (yeah kat umah dia dah penuh sebenarnya saja je dia nak abiskan duit lagipun dia kata kat Ik*a tu murah sangat-sangat sama je harga ngan kat Cameron Highland, tapi kat umah dia dalam 20 pasu ada kot orkid, tu yg saya x berapa nak paham tu) n i bought 2 good books from candace bushnel n one book is eat,pray apa ntah... because i kinda like julia roberts.. its a major film now, so i read in Time mags.

We did aimed on a few cabinets that Yatie plan to have in the NEAR future (padahal baru je buat minor renovation dalam sebulan dua ni, duit dia turun dr langit rasanya)

Of course we ate.. Its unavoidable hehhe
Yatie had nasi, tempe, sayur pucuk ubi n ikan bakar n nescafe for lunch . I had ikan bakar n sayur bendi n ayo suam.

for tea i had cappucino n currypuff, yati had currypuff n pepsi.

for dinner Yatie prefers bihun sup, I had curry mee n we shared a bowl of laksa.And fresh orange for both of us (ngan rasa x bersalah makan beria2)

After dropped Yati dan bunga2nya I simply went straight home. It was already 11.30p.m kot.

As usual before slept I would check my games wall... nanti lambat reply kena Forced forfeit pula. X aci kan... of course we do have things to do, cubala bersabar sikit..

Well it happened that one of d playmate (cehh mcm kat Playboy Mansion plak) was wide awake. Before long we started talking about Malaysian political situation. Not my fav subject considering from d start I could smell (hahahahaa) his stand.

But it was midnight n he probably homesick (he's working abroad) besides his opinion r very sound jadi saya pun beria2 jugakla mendengar (coz i dunno much.

Then he mentioned BTC, wic i havent heard in my entire life. Have u?
So currently I m reading[1].pdf

It was 4.30a.m when i fall asleep.

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