Sunday, December 26, 2010

Buku Resepi Gerenti Jadi

Ever since reading Lucia Lucia, written by errr... x ingat but it was an interesting yet intriguing story book, i've started collecting recipes. Baby bought this book during her short trip in Vienna. Nope. It is DEFINITELY not a cooking book. Haha. It was about an Italian-American lady named Lucia life.

I was really fascinated by the storyline which was set in the 60s. Not going to write about it tho because I think the book is at #18 or maybe at Baby's. I m not sure definitely not in 12A.

Well, I just so taken with the idea of sharing recipe. When Lucia's brother got married, the bride was very young and sepatah haram x tau hal-hal rumahtangga terutamnya memasak.

So the sister-in-law made it a point to collect the recipes, tried it out. When the recipes turned out well she'll write it in two sheets of papers. She keep it in biscuits tins, one for her and one for Lucia. Isn't it sweet?

(apsal dia x photostat je ye... ermmm better check at Wikipaedia

Being a not-a-very-keen cook myself, I've started collecting recipes myself, since 2008, when Riena officially became an Adnan's Clan. But no.... I didn't make it in 2 copies like Lucia's sister-in-law did. (perghhh sewel ke hapa.. Riena is a better cook herself!!)

There's a few recipes that i've tried n re-write it in the hardcover note-book with the title "Resepi Gerenti Jadi Mak Andak". Most are from cooking blogs anyway.

3 weeks ago Zana gave us (at that time the girls stayed at 12A) a yummy Choc Moist Cake. The girls describe it as "melampau-lampau sedapnya". Zana gave the recipe on the girls' request.

I tried it last week. It was a bit errr... The thing is, because the mixture didn't look thick enough, I added in some more flour. (memandai).. Zana didn't complain tho when I gave her.

This morning, i tried it again. It turned out very very moist and superlicious!!. A'a couldnt snap pic tho... *sigh*

Hah so the 9th recipe is added to the book of "Resepi Gerenti Jadi Mak Andak" collection.

Only NINE in 2 years?

Well... let's say that I am very very selective.. ehem.. (read:malas)

On something unrelated, I missed the girls so much..


zino said...

sesuai ke utk semua jenis tukang masak.. hehe

Kengkawan said...

hahahha kalau dah penuh nanti andak kasi pakngah satu copy... tengok la mana yg sesuai hehhe