Monday, December 06, 2010

Money Matter for Kids 101

Parents seen kids as an extent of their dreams.

That's a quote in one of the many parenting books i read while killing time in the public library, so that I couldn't name neither the book, the author nor the publisher. It was brilliant. So sorry couldn't give the credit where the credit dues.

I mean.. well seems at 37, there is no sign that I could be the next Permaisuri Agong (ok u can laugh now..) so i wished... u know... one of them could be.. you know..

Being Permaisuri Agong is not the only thing in my wish lists. I too, wanted my life to be debt free. Which isn't materialised.. yet. In order to make sure all the younger Adnan's clan would be debt free in their life (haha) whenever they r holidaying with me (twice a year) I'll make sure they do the accounts themselves.

Actually this account thingy I learnt from Jeffery Archer's famous novel, Kane and Abel (wehhh sapa yg pinjam buku saya ni, pulang la balik eh..)

These are the steps taken by Nadia the appointed treasurer since she was 9.

Before holiday
1. List down the places they wanted to visit.
2. Estimate the expenses (food, fuels, lodgings etc)
3. Discussed for the cheapest solution (Sg Bill waterfall instead of HotSprings which costs RM8 per pax. Pulau Pangkor- toll-free compared to Port Dickson.. yeah things like that)

During the holiday.

1. Recorded and KEEP all the money given by parents, aunts n uncles n OPAH.
2. Draw a weekly menu n shop at the HyperMart for a week's ration.
3. Make sure Mak Andak stick to the budget while shopping.
4. Control the expenses.

Sangat senang!! When they were much smaller, macam-macam diorang nak. Nak gi situ, nak gi sini, nak makan kat situ, nak makan kat sini, nak beli itu, nak beli ini. But now when they themselves are in charge of the money, they started appreciate the value of money.

I was touched when Nik called n said Aisyah (aged 7) saved most of her pocket money to go holiday with me this year. Ermmm.. Talking about the importance of money management awareness.

Well i wished they would live a debt-free life in the future, unlike their Mak Andak.


zino said...

yg penting bukan tempat tapi dapat bersama keluarga walau dimana ...

Kengkawan said...

betul tu pakngah