Sunday, December 05, 2010

A Walk

I havent jogging for such a long time. Today promised to do so with Yatie.

Put on my new pink n black sneakers (how i missed my oyen sneakers soooo much) n off we go. Instead of jogging, we talked non-stop and heading to Day Market.

On our way we met 2 Indian ladies who were waiting for the bus and we exchanged pleasantries. A few makciks n Yatie's ex-students also stopped n greet us.

Stopped at Restoran Kurnia. Yatie said their Roti Canai is d best in town. I had Roti Canai with the girls last week, no more Roti Canai for me. So I scooped (self service la pulak) some nasik lemak, spicy squids n cucumber slice n half of boiled eggs. Together with Hot Tea which is too much saccharin for my likings, costs me RM4.50.

Gula mahal dek!!

Then as usual, i couldnt live without NST n UM newspapers. Bought both. Yati bought tiny orchid plants at RM5 each.

"kaler ni Yati xder lagi la" said her when I gave her puzzled look. Yeah right... this morning I counted she had 26 pots of orchid plants. Some ppl just had insatiable appetite for orchid plants.

Then we scoured the Day Market. There were soooo much to offer from ray of foods, clothes, plants, fruits, raw meat n also things u never seen like tuala-ajaib-telap-air to ubat-kurap-dari-gunung-merapi

In the end we bought some fruits. Thats it.. fruits only n we headed home, walking again, n talking non stop.

And stopped at the Pasar Borong Sakan, waited for the staff to open d store. It was 9.50a.m. anyway. The store begins its operation from 10a.m -10p.m.

I suggested that we sit at the pavement while reading newspapers. Yatie gave her r-u-outta-ur-mind look. She said what if her students happen to be around. She had her reasons, but I m so used to sit anywhere I like when I m reading, even under a shady tree. Hikhikhik..

Then the store opened. We browsed the stuff, send some mms to my sis who asked me to check the school uniform price n all, yeah.. those kind of things. In the end Yatie bought a hair clip because it was so reasonably cheaper compared to the previous hair clip which she bought at other mall at RM7.50. If i m not mistaken, the hair clip was only Rm1.50, same quality.

I bought a off-white tripleXL t-shirt for only RM18.90. Even the cap-ayam-tshirt I used to buy for Arif is RM49.90. Mind you!! what a steal. It is very hard to find tripleXL t-shirt anyway. I might come again, if Arif likes the t-shirt though. kenkadang dia ni banyak songeh jugak..

And I was short of cash. We juz brought RM20 each, for safety reasons.. had to borrow RM5 from Yatie.

Which reminds me.. have to go to Yatie's house after Asar.

p/s tu gambar lama at my fav news stall, Mastan n Sons

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