Tuesday, December 28, 2010

After Midnight

1. Sedap betul melodi lagu Yuna ni.

2. Saya terbayangkan stalker bila dengar lagu ni pada mulanya.

3. Tapi bila dah dengar banyak kali, saya teringat pula watak Lara dalam novel Twenties Girl tulisan Sophie Kinsella terutamanya di halaman 111-119.

"I don't want several lovers. I want Josh", I say mulishly. "I want Josh".

"Well, you can't have him. Give up!".

I'm so, so sick of people telling me to give up on Josh. My parents, Natalie, that old woman I got talking to on the bus once...

"Why should I give up?" My words fly out on the swell of protest. "Why does everyone keep telling me to give up? What's wrong with sticking to one single goal?In every other area of life perseverance is encouraged! It's rewarded. I mean they didn't tell Edison to give up on light bulbs, did they? They didn't tell Scot to forget about the South Pole! They didn't say "Never mind Scotty they are plenty more snowy wastes out there." He kept trying. He refused to give up, however hard it got. And he made it!"

I felt quite stirred up when I finish but Sadie is peering at me as though I am an imbecile.

"Scott didn't made it," she says. "He froze to death".

I glare at her resentfully. Some people are just so negative. (hal 119)

4. Kalaulah dalam hidup ni semua yang kita nak akan dapat............................................ermmmm.................

saya cop Brad Pitt..


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