Friday, December 30, 2011

The power of dreams

Katanyalah... I watched the interview this morning.

"mesti take action" dia cakap.
by attending his talk, that is.

agaknya dia dah kaya kot by talking.

ni mood malas nak layan kot

Thursday, December 29, 2011


I don't mind listening.
As long as it is short and sweet.
Precise, not a long winded and parroting the same script.

Were told to come at 10.30.
By 11.00a.m the door still close.
By 12.20 we just entered, in the midst of ehem ehem.
A few stares and curious glances just won'y stop us.
At 12.50noon. they stopped.

At 12.58 noon still no sign of resume.
Nope. No lunch today. Want to save RM20 on fuel.
That's it.

mood: confused

Monday, December 26, 2011

Go ahead, count me out.

Saya rasa nak jatuh kerusi sebab ketawa.
Sangat lawak antarabangsa.

Actually I wrote about it here.
Long time ago.
As usual, before I made a major decision (that was kind of major to me) I seek my good friend's opinion.

"You have to", he said firmly. The good friend, I mean.
"Will u do it for me?, please.." I begged.
"Nope. It is urs, so you have to do it. C'mon... sampai bila? " He answered shortly. Jarang saya dihampakan...

It took me a few istikharah and months of sembahyang hajat before I said the line.
Just that. The gud friend urged me to be firm n precise. Besides, I hate small talks.

Couple of days ago, while I was choosing "gift' for someone who fell sick, I received a phone call.
At first, I was flabbergasted, and a bit hurt.
How could you be so mean and putarbelitkan cerita, when all I said was only those two sentences?

After much thought, let just say

A leopard cannot change its spots.

Once a --- always a ---- .(fill in the blanks).

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ariff Alfian Rosli

Saya jumpa berita ni kat sini.
Lepas berhari-hari baca berita tentangnya di Malaysia.
Semoga Allah selamatkan kita semua, di dunia dan akhirat..


The Irish Times - Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Malaysian Muslims seek action over man 'missing' in Ireland


A MALAYSIAN student who reportedly had a civil partnership with an Irishman has been caught up in a political storm of controversy in his home country.

Ariff Alfian Rosli (28) has been resident in Ireland since moving here eight years ago to study medicine at a university in Dublin.

After an apparent disagreement with his son in 2009, Mr Rosli’s father reported him missing to Malaysian authorities.

In recent days, pictures emerged on the internet which appeared to be of Mr Rosli in traditional Malaysian dress with his civil partner in Ireland at an event at Dublin City Hall.

The pictures were published on the front pages of some local newspapers and have been the source of criticism from numerous political groups in Malaysia, where same-sex sexual relationships are illegal and punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

The Malaysian police have been urged by Muslim groups to investigate the issue on the basis that Mr Rosli has failed to adhere to the country’s Islamic laws.

The controversy has prompted the Malaysian prime minister’s office to issue a statement pledging to investigate the matter.

An official from Malaysia’s ruling political party is reportedly due to arrive in Dublin later this week to convince Mr Rosli to return home.

Mr Rosli yesterday told The Irish Times he was not missing and wished to correct inaccurate comments about him in the Malaysian media.

“I am not missing. The Irish authorities know I am legally resident here. The Malaysian embassy has also been aware for several years that I am residing here legally,” he said.

“I feel I have have been inadvertently thrust into the public eye. I just want to get by without upsetting anyone or causing any trouble. My overriding concern is for my family.”

He declined to comment on whether he had a civil partnership or was involved in a same-sex relationship. Homosexuality is still a taboo issue in Malaysia.

Advocates for gay rights say many Malaysians remain afraid to come out publicly for fear of religious condemnation or prosecution.

Mr Rosli also said reports that he had renounced his Muslim faith were inaccurate.

“I have not converted to any religion, contrary to what has been reported. I was born a Muslim, I am still a Muslim and will remain a Muslim ’til the day I die. Nothing will shake me from my faith.”

He also said he was in regular contact with his family and was baffled at how his “disappearance” had become a major source of controversy in his home country. However, he has not spoken with his father – a retired naval officer – for several years.

“I had a disagreement with my father in 2009, after which he reported me missing . . . I’m not in communication with him, but I am in regular contact with my other family members,” he added.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

X paham

SMS telah dikirim seminggu lalu.
hari menandatangani borang blabla..

Janji pukul 9.00 pagi.
Sekarang pukul 12 tengah hari.
diberitahu borang akan sampai dari Ipoh pukul 3 petang.

Itu saja.
Tiada komen.

Monday, December 19, 2011

I am not.....

Keeping 12A really suck up lots of my ciput salary.
The last time I paid zakat was in 2005.
For reasons a muslim should know, that's why.

Armed with all the saving passbooks, I paid a visit to Majlis Agama Islam Slim River just now.
Kecik hati saya when the lady said, "maaf dik, tak cukup ye".
"Tapi..." I wanted to say something but then, makcik saya selalu pesan, dioarang paling tak suka kalau dealing dengan cikgu sebab banyak sangat argue.
"Penat saya datang..." saya cakap ngan muka seposen, duaposen, limaposen... entah...
"Tak per... janji kita lepaskan... lagipun harga emas tinggi sebab tu adik tak layak bayar lagi".
"Oooo patutlah.." saya cakap ngan muka terkejut yang asli padahal masa belajar Pendidikan Islam dari derjah satu lagi ustaz dah ajar kiraan zakat dinilai dengan harga emas, apalah norizan adnan..

Not eligible to pay zakat really hampered my mood. Suddenly I felt like... I dunno...

I went to my favourite stall, had plain rice with ikan kembung bakar and warm water. I lost my appetite actually.
To make matter worst two men in their late 60's came in together chatting happily. To add salt to injury, I saw one of the pakcik cut his ikan tongkol into half and offered it to his friend who mildly declined, but he insisted.
Wasn't it sweet? Eat out with your bestfriend, sharing meals while talking about everything under the sun?
I envy both them.

"uhuh.. boleh x akak kira untuk 2 orang pakcik tu sekali" I asked the kakak tukang kira politely while maintaining my composure.
Cengeng betul ... saya rasa bertambah nak nangis tengok dua orang pak cik tu...
Again... I envy both of them.
Because they are happy, and I am not.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tak penah dengar eh Barm Brack.

jadi saya google gambar

ooooo macam fruitcake je eh. Gambar ni saya google kat sini

Ini pula cerita tentang barm brack dari wisegeek.

Barm brack, also called báirín breac, is a traditional Irish tea bread. A raised fruit bread, barm brack is lightly sweet and studded with raisins, candied citrus peel, currants, sultanas (yellow raisins), and other bits of dried fruit. It is served toasted and generously buttered, accompanied by a cup of tea.

There is some discrepancy over the origin of the name “barm brack.” Some sources say it comes from barm, meaning “yeast,” and brack, meaning “bread.” Other sources claim the words mean “little speckled cake.” Perhaps the quandary is fitting, since the barm brack itself seems to be a bit of both.

Although some barm brack versions are leavened with baking powder or baking soda instead of yeast, one thing that appears to be common in most forms of this bread is the preparation of the fruit. Before the raisins and other dried fruits are added to the batter or dough, they are soaked for a period in hot tea until they are plump and rehydrated. This gives them a uniquely soft character in the finished product.

In Ireland, it is customary to eat barm brack at Samhain, or Halloween. Traditionally, it was part of an annual fortune-telling ritual. Wrapped individually in a bit of waxed paper and baked into the barm brack were several small tokens imbued with symbolism for whoever was served the slice containing them. Family and friends would gather to have tea and barm brack, with each eagerly, perhaps fearfully, anticipating the news

their slice would bring.

The tokens baked into the barm brack were a pea or a thimble, a snippet of cloth, a coin, a stick, and a gold ring. If your slice contained the pea or the thimble, you could expect another year of spinsterhood. If, on the other hand, your slice revealed the gold ring, you could expect to be married within the year. The stick, however, was a portent of a bad marriage, one that would require “a stick with which to beat one’s wife.” The fragment of cloth, signifying rags, foretold poverty or bad luck in the year ahead. The coin was a fortuitous omen — good things, hopefully riches, were on the way.

In addition to Halloween, barm brack is also eaten on the feast day of Saint Bridget, which falls on February 1. It can be eaten as a breakfast bread or at tea time, and some establishments in Ireland serve barm brack with every meal.

In Ireland, barm brack is sold commercially, particularly around Halloween. These store-bought loaves will often contain a toy ring.

Love without trust is nothing

Bukan saya yang kata.
Ni ayat Anna Fischer yang dia tulis kat buku yang dia tandatangan untuk A Shaw, main character in the novel that I currently read.
Ceh, melankolik plak novel David Baldacci kali ni.
btw, my favourite is page 50-51

He ordered for them, which was unusual. When it arrived she said,"What is it?".

"Barm brack. It's sort of a fruitcake".

"Fruitcake! Don't they use those for doorstops and to poison people?"

Shaw cut her a slice. "Just try it. You're an adventurous gal".

Anna stabbed the cake with her fork and it clinked against something. her wide eyes grew even wider as she probed the barm until her fingers close around it.

Shaw said," Legend has it that if you find the ring in the barm brack, you're destined to be married".

Oh sungguh manis...
Kepada yang belum baca, ni ayat Shaw sebelum dia melamar Anna, itupun selepas dia nekad nak keluar dari organisasi dan kerja dia yang sangat bahaya tu.
Samada mereka akan berkahwin atau tidak, kena lah baca..

Oklah genre novel ni ialah thriller.
Memang best!

Iklan diri?

Nik komplen dia tak pernah g jalan-jalan kat KL lepas kahwin.
So, I offered to drive all the sisters.

bila dah ramai-ramai.. semua benda yang tak berfaedah pun kitaorang telek.
Including the poster above, in front of KFC@Pertama Complex.
I don't remember when, last year agaknya...

Ada jugak orang macam ni ye?

Lawatan ke kebun

Adnan clan had a family gathering in PD since last Saturday, ended today.

Anyway, mom don't have the heart to skip a wedding feast in our block, because this is the first time they had the feast after their mother passed away 3,4 years ago. Sangat sentimental.

I went back to #18 to accompany mom.
At 6.45a.m we went to the Kebun (that's how we called it) to look for durians.
Now it is towards the end of season, so we don't get much.

The first since we moved to #18.

p/s will upload the pics

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Betul ke ni?

Nadia tanya, ermmmm...
"Eh pernah ke Mak Andak bohong awak?" Ada ke saya tanya macam tu..

"Well.. what makes u think I could not win?" saya tanya semula beberapa minit kemudian.
"Ya rasa Mak Andak buat tak kemas" komen Nadia.
Well... rasanya ye jugak.
Lagipun itulah kali pertama saya taruk aising atas kapkek pun.
Plan asal saya nak buat blueberry cupcake with cream cheese frosting yang saya jumpa resepi kat sini tapi instead of blueberry filling, ada orang tu send strawberry filling pulak. Ada ke?
Since I still have an unopened dried strawberries (rasanya Feza yang kasi) so saya belasah je apa yang ada.

And I won!
Of course when I entered the competition, saya memang nak dapat no 1.
Nasib baikla, orang yang terer tak masuk, kot tak sah-sah saya tak menang...

Saya suka gambar ni

Me: Whattttttt????? Kan dah pesan banyak kali suruh prepare?
Girl 1: Alahhhh mana nak tau...
Girl 2: Lagipun kitaorang busyla...
Girl 3: Cikgu BM tu kasi banyak sangat kerja, nak hafal Sejarah lagi... hishhh busy sangat...
Me: Hah! korang pilih kasih, subjek I korang cincaikan je... sudahlah... dulu kata I love U.. huh?
Girl 4: Hahahaha janganla marah Ce*, nanti kitaorang prepare.
Me : Wehhh Ari ni Khamis dah, exam hari Selasa depan, I merajuk nih..
Girl 1: Alaaa janganla macam tu.. boleh tak kita ambik gambar dulu?

Dalam gambar muka macam tak merajuk.
Dalam gambar tak nampak satu pun muka boys.
Budak berlima ni saja (seorang tukang ambik gambar) yang setia menunggu hingga tamat kelas tambahan. Yang lain semua dah curi-curi balik.
Ada banyak hari yang saya rasa kecewa sangat dan kalau saya kaya, saya tak nak dah kerja, but these 5 girls selalu buat saya rasa sangat..
terharu kot.

Ada lagi ke batch macam ni yang akan saya jumpa tahun depan?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kenapa - - - - - sangat?

Bangun pagi, rutin pertama ialah
timbang berat.

How I wished it would lie.
Perempuan memang suka ditipu.
Kalau hal berat badanlah...

Ermmmm (tgh menung panjang)
Jadi lepas ni bila bergambar, mesti buat posisi macam di atas.
Senget senget

Friday, November 25, 2011

Akhirnya.. Nadia dapat 5A juga

"Awak belajar betul-betul Nadia. Mak Anjang dah pilih nama elok-elok untuk awak. Nanti mak awak marah Mak Anjang pula kalau awak tak pandai". Tu Mak Anjang dia cakap masa Nadia kecil dulu. Nadia jeling saja.

Nama Nadiah Aqilah tu Mak Anjang dia yang kasi, maksudnya yang cerdik la gitu kot. Saya pun lupa maklumlah dah 12 tahun berlalu.

Pada pandangan saya Nadia sangat opionated. Something rare for the girl at her age.
I admired her more for that. Therefore I hope she won't change.

Dia sangat konfiden akan dapat 5A. "Sangat kacang la mak" dia cakap bila emak dia tanya ok tak paper hari tu.

Saya fikir ini adalah hasil daripada drilling yang dilakukan tanpa henti di Pusat Tuisyen.
Saya skeptikal sedikit sebab dulu kakaknya, Along yang bersekolah di sekolah yang sama tak dapat 5A pun. Malahan ada berapa kerat je kawan-kawan dia dapat 5A.

"Hmmm ada sesuatu yang tak kena di situ" ayat pendek penuh berangin dari saya.

"So, how many of u got 5As" saya tanya Nadia. Masih skeptikal.
"Ramaila Mak Andak, ada 24 orang" dia jawab.
"How many pupil in your class?" saya masih sangsi.
Nadia jawab saya dah lupa. Tapi saya pegang kalkulator dan convert kepada percentage.
Ok not bad.

Tahniah kepada ayah dan mak Nadia serta semua parents yang lain.
Tahniah dan terima kasih kepada guru kelas Nadia dan kawan-kawannya.
Tahniah dan terima kasih kepada Penyelaras Tahun Enam Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Naga, Klang.
Tahniah dan terima kasih kepada semua Guru Matematik, Guru Sains, guru Bahasa Melayu, guru Bahasa Inggeris dari tahun satu sehinggalah tahun 6 di Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Naga.
Tahniah dan terima kasih kepada guru-guru Pusat tuisyen
Tahniah dan terima kasih kepada Pakcik Jaga yang setia menjaga keselamatan supaya kanak-kanak ini dapat belajar dengan tenang.
Tahniah dan terima kasih kepada Makcik kantin, jasamu di kenang.

Akhir sekali,
tahniah kepada Nadia dan 23 lagi rakannya.
Tanpa orang-orang yang Mak Andak senaraikan di atas, awak tak akan sampai ke tahap ini.
Jangan lupa ucapkan terima kasih ye.

lap u!

Tak payah bayar!

When it comes to money matter, my mom suka bising bising.
Even though it wasn't our fault (eh!) she still make extra effort to make us pay.
"Jangan berhutang, nanti mati esok susah, pantang datuk kome tau!".

I would understand if the creditor come to our house and make racketing noise insists on payment, but then it is was just the red letter stating that payment is overdue.

It is the second time.
The first time was many many years ago, and my mom constantly bising bising about it.
In the end I wrote a letter to them asking, " kenapa bil dah bayar tapi kata tak bayar dan talian diputuskan" Aha! ada klu di situ.
Of course the receipt was attached and the replied makes my mom stop bising bising.

At the end of July, I terminated the service.
Received the August bill, which I thought was a mistake. A red letter in September was something I could not comprehend. Lagi tak faham when informed by the CallCentre officer, "maaf puan, kena bayar juga bill bulan Ogos".

Eh hello?
Nasib baik saya sempat sorokkan surat tu dari mak saya, kalau tak....

I wrote a complain letter bernada sedikit angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa.
Today I received a formal letter. Panjang.
Pendekkan cerita, "puan tak perlu bayar".

Dipendekkan cerita, saya pun tidak berniat untuk membalas surat itu atau menalipon nombor yang diberikan. (cehhh ayat punya panjang).

Dik (whoever you are)
Duit boleh dicari.
Logik ke tak customer kena bayar yuran langganan untuk sebulan hanya sebab awak ambil masa 10 hari (lebih kurangla) untuk terminate akaun customer?
Logik tak, sebab awak tak cekap menjalankan tugas, akaaakkkk jugak yang kena marah dengan mak akak?


p/s gambar dari google

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Bangun pagi rasa tidak bersemangat.
Kereta-cap-ayam masih di workshop.
Bila mood kurang bagus, saya suka duduk di 12A.
Alone n lonely.
Sambil bermuhasabah dan membaca buku-buku motivasi.

Sungguh skima bunyinya.
The truth is, once I woke up, I played games.
Then had breakfast - Crabstick fried rice and a mug of hot nescafe.

After that I listened to David Cook.
I m hooked!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Agak-agak nanti mereka ingat tak kat saya?

Saya rasa tak.
Tapi jauh di lubuk hati saya yang paling dalam, saya harap sangat mereka tak lupa.

Pada hari Selasa lepas, saya tunggu mereka sehingga masuk ke Dewan Peperiksaan.

"Boleh x?" saya tanya mereka sehari kemudian. Muka askar, macam biasa.
Entah. Diorang kata senang sebab soalan spot masuk. Anyway I know them better than that.

"Korang jawab tak?" saya masih lagi muka askar.
"jawab" diaorang cuak.
"I mean all the questions that I asked you to answer, did you?" waaa saya tanya lagi..
"Semua, macam Ce* cakap". diorang cakap.

The thing is, masa drilling, asyik2 la depa kata "mana nak tau, mana nak tau".
Tergamaknya. "I've telling you d same thing for 2 years la babe". At one point saya naik angin.

On Tuesday morning I sprayed Happy to all the girls.
"Kenapa Ce*?" asked them.
"I dah jampi, nanti mudah sket korang nak jawab" saya buat muka tak bersalah.
The parfum was a gift from Baby masa balik Vien. Still unopen coz lately saya prefer parfum Epal Ijo from DKNY atau kenkadang Ajaib dari Lancome.

Eh lain plak ceritanya.
Well... today is the last day for 2011 session.
While I am glad it's over, I will miss this batch badly.

Teringat pulak.
3 minggu lepas Adik a.k.a Fitri Firdaus tanya dengan sopan santun.

Adik: Ce* boleh tak kami balik sekarang? Kelas lain dah balik dah.
Me: Budak Form 4 exam, memangla balik awal, apa kena mengenanya ngan kita?
Adik: Alaaa dah pukul 12.50 dah tu.. boleh la Ce*.
Me: Adik, adik tau tak balik sepatutnya pukul berapa?
Adik: 1.05.
Me: Then? lagi mau tanya?
Adik: Alaaaa sikit je lagi pun... boleh la Ce*.
Me: Nak balik sangat pergi lah, tapi tahun depan jangan nak talipon kata rindu ke, nak amik tuition ke. Pergilah balik..

Even yang dah sampai kat pintu pun masuk balik dan terus duduk senyap-senyap.
Saya akan kenang saat tu, selagi hayat dikandung badan

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Had spaghetti for brekkie.
Sedapnya Ila masak.
Tak sempat nak ambik gambar dah habis.

The pic above was taken last Sunday@QHKL.
Still.. x ble lawan keenakan spaghetti yang Ila masak.
Dia dah pesan, kalau x cukup boleh mintak lagi.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2/15 - Percubaan pertama masak roti jala

Bukan saya, Ila, jiran saya.
Hari hujan.
Saya masih bersedih atas hal pagi tadi.
Hilang selera makan.

Which is good.
Sebab saya pun makin gumuk:(

Selepas balik dari rumah Yatie, pada pukul 9.45 malam,
saya bermain permainan komputer dan mengemas beg kerja untuk hari esok
Tiba-tiba Ila called.
"Akak nak tak makan roti jala?" tergamak dia tanya.
"Nak" saya jawab pendek.
"Nanti Ila ambil tau ngan spaghetti sekali" saya sengih sampai ke telinga.
Kebetulan Siti pun ada.
Jadi kami berbual.
Entah, saya rasa kali terakhir saya berbual dengan Ila 2,3 bulan dulu kot.
Walaupun berjiran, tapi sangat jarang berjumpa.
Dan inilah pertama kali saya rasa Ila memasak.
Dia cakap inilah kali pertama dia buat roti jala pun.

"Ila, u really make my day" I told her.
Which is so true.

Cahaya di hujung terowong.

Perghhh.. ayat skema.

It was horrible day. I am glad those 'kerja gila' ended today.
The team are nice, it just that norizan adnan memang tak sesuai buat kerja under pressure.
Boleh saya terkoyakkan a sheet of paper which supposed to send in.
Lambatla diorang balik, kena tunggu kertas tu diselamatkan dulu.
Kesian mereka dan keluarga mereka.

Luckily, Kak Laila stay calm and help it out.
Kalau tidak, entah... saya menangis kot.
Ms Prema n Kak Ina too.
Ms Lim also.
Couldn't thank them enuff.

Went home with awful feelings.
Yatie asked to bake cupcakes for her students.
"Are you out of ur mind?" I asked her.
I mean, selalu saya buat senget2 je. tak cantik langsung.
"Alaaaaa... Yati x habis marking, besok last day key in markah, tapi dah janji ngan budak nak bawak kuih, nak masak tak sempat" she plead.

Dalam kerjaya kami tak key in markah on time samala macam doktor tak prescribe ubat.
Boleh je, kalau nak kena maki-makian.
Jadi dalam hujan saya jalan kaki ke kedai runcit beli barang.
Mula memasak selepas berbuka puasa.
Sewaktu iklan (saya macam terpaksa juga tengok Fasha dalam Cinta Elysa) saya berjalan laju2 hantar cupcakes ke rumah Yatie.
Sembang pun lebih kurang je. Nak cepat tengok tv.

Tapi saya tak tau apa kesudahan ceritanya.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

4/13 - Ada awak dengar orang cakap pasal saya?

Today I joint the crowd for another hi-tea@QHKL.
It was simply superb!

One of today's guests gave me a hard time last year.

Kalau saya mati dan hidup semula sepuluh kalipun saya takkan lupa.

"Awak ni sangat ______, ______, ______ dan ________. Semua orang yang saya tanya pun kata awak ni _____, _____, ______. Awak ni memangla tak ______, ______, ______. Awak jangan ingat awak ni ____, _____, ____. Awak tau tak orang pun pandang awak _____, _____, _____." dia cakap.

"Who? give me a name?" rasanya saya cakap macam tu. I do make mistakes. Tapinya dah cakap macam-macam bagilah bukti.Takat modalnya gigi dan lidah, budak tadika pun boleh jadi Perdana Menteri.

"Tengok tu. Awak ni memangla _____, _____, _____. Saya tak mahu cakap siapa. Yang penting awak tu kenalah _____. _____, _____. Kita ni patutnya _____, ____, _____. Saya ni _____, _____, ___ . Barulah orang akan ____, ____ pada kita. Cuba awak tengok saya. Ada awak dengar orang cakap pasal saya?".

"Takde kan..." dia jawab sendiri. Mak aihhh sangat tinggi konfidensinya itu.

Hehe. I smirked.
That irritated her even more. I guessed.
Since she loves telling all and sundry, she could changed anybody she wants into being "positive" so I am afraid she found it was an uphill battle dealing with me. Hahahahahha... tu zaman duduk asrama bolehla buat macam tu kat budak2 junior hahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha. Dah tua-tua, semua orang mampu beli cermin sendiri beb. Hahahahha

Respect has to be 2-way la KC weiiiii
Butter-up was never my forte. Hahahhahahaahhaha

As for Cuba awak tengok saya. Ada awak dengar orang cakap pasal saya?".
Hahahahhaha you must be kidding.
Or maybe I mixed with the wrong persons.
The one who are not in favour of you.

"Ko jangan ajak dia lagi" warned someone to another someone. Cheered by the crowds.
I almost fell off the chair.
While for the past years, it was very normal someone I know warned me about you, I always thought it was a personal opinion.
Mak saya marah dengar cakap orang.
The whole crowd is, well... uhuh... errr.. I don't know. Intriguing?

I would never tell you the truth.
Why should I? You are not my friend.
What do I care.

It so sad rite? Saidina Ali was right.
"Orang yang paling sepi, ialah orang yang kagum dengan dirinya sendiri".

3/13 - Meranti Cafe, Hotsprings Sg Klah

Talking about foreshadows...

7,8,9 years ago (my RAM sucks!) I was in Suria Resort, Pangkor Island, attending a course. The handphone signal was very poor. Shared a room with a nice lady in her late 40s. She was very quiet.

On our last day, we rushed to the door when we heard a dramatic cry..
"Jah.. di mana kau Jah, Oh Jah... mana kau Jah".
It was hillarious. She was looking for my roommate because they came together by bus. Later I learnt that she was always like that. Very funny.

I joint them, board the bus, instead of asking Acho to fetch me.

How time flies!
Today I attended her retirement party@Hotsprings.
Then snapped some pictures of the beautiful chalet.
I didn't plan to come, It just that I accompanied Yatie to a wedding then tau-tau je she said,"wehhh temanla kejap g High Tea kat Hotsprings".

I wished I did not put on that baju kurung.
I wished I brought something for Kak Kamar.

2/13 - Ladang Cluny, Slim River

Ironically, life is full of foreshadows.Azam, Dey and I stopped at Cluny Estate last year on our way home from a Citizen Science Project in Sungai Bill. I read something on groundwater project in that estate and so curious about it. Well, too bad the guard did not let us in :(
On Friday, Atikah Kamat accidentally left her lappie charger at workplace. I offered to send it to her house, partly because she is the one and only colleagues who will texted me when I was under the weather and mainly, the groundwater project never failed to make my curiosity grew.
Atikah's husband just transferred to Cluny Estate this year. The security was tight, in order to enter the premise, I have to mention the host name. Then a guard lead me to the house by his motorbike. Their house is surrounded by oil palm trees and has a well kept lawn. Very serene.
This is Atikah's only daughter. Showing me goose egg. They prefer dried leaves.
The eggs are bigger compared to A-grade chicken egg.

By the way. This is the first time I see goose eggs. Thanks to Atikah.
Besides, that was the first time I see the groundwater tank too.
I dared not take the pictures.
Kang kalau kena saman, tumpo teman nak membayonye Yob!

Untukmu Seroja

Hmmm.. 6 pasang kasut kemudian, sampailah hari yang ditunggu.
Selamat berjaya kepada Seroja eh..

Sebagai tanda kasih sayang tak bertepi, ditujukan lagu ini

So close no matter how far Couldn't be much more from the heart Forever trust in who we are And nothing else matters Never opened myself this way Life is ours, we live it our way All these words I don't just say And nothing else matters Trust I seek and I find in you Every day for us something new Open mind for a different view And nothing else matters Never cared for what they do Never cared for what they know But I know So close no matter how far Couldn't be much more from the heart Forever trusting who we are And nothing else matters [ Lyrics from: ] Never cared for what they do Never cared for what they know But I know I never opened myself this way Life is ours, we live it our way All these words I don't just say And nothing else matters Trust I seek and I find in you Every day for us something new Open mind for a different view And nothing else matters Never cared for what they say Never cared for games they play Never cared for what they do Never cared for what they know And I know (yeah!) So close no matter how far Couldn't be much more from the heart Forever trust in who we are No nothing else matters

You love Metallica eh? Me too, sometimes I do. Well, but then, I love you more. More than you could ever imagine.

Friday, November 11, 2011

4/11 - Malang tak berbau - SMK Air Merah, Kulim

Yatie came just now, while I was weeding at the backyard.

"Ada dengar tak pasal budak rombongan yang eksiden?" she asked after we settled on our plan tomorrow.
"Ada kat tv tadi, gezek untuk Buletin Utama, tapi tak tau budak mana. Ur skul eh?" Yep, I watched it on tv while playing computer games, so I didn't pay much attention.

"Bukan. Kak Non la, ajak kitaorang pegi hospital pagi tadi, ziarah. Budak sekolah kat Kedah nun, tapi eksiden kat Behrang."
Berita lanjut boleh klik di sini

"Masa kami pi tadi, penuhla spital. Kesian budak-budak. Ramaila orang JPN, PPD semua turun" Kesian guru-guru tu. Yati sambung cerita. Mereka berbual dengan seorang guru yang trauma sebab rakan yang duduk di sebelahnya turut maut. Ada cerita yang kena sensor kerana menyalahi etika kerja. Jadi saya tulis sampai di sini saja.

Takziah kepada keluarga mangsa.
Semoga cepat sembuh kepada semua yang cedera.
Mohon bertenang, kepada adik-adik yang trauma.
Mohon bertenang juga kepada semua ahli keluarga peserta rombongan.

Secara peribadi, saya lebih kasihankan guru-guru yang terlibat dalam rombongan itu.
Semoga mereka dilindungi Allah di dunia dan akhirat.
Kerja macam kita ni beginilah cikgu.
Tapi jangan sesekali serik.
Bersabarlah, janji Allah itu benar.

3/11 - Kalendar percuma

Mardiah (the one on the wheelchair) gave me a 2012 calendar.
The thing is....
errr what to do with it actually?

2/11 - Bomba datang berlumba-lumba

Around 10 a.m. ( I guessed it was 10.00 because I lost track of time since my jam teki teki has been conked out for a week) we heard a racketing noise from downstairs.

"Ada yang bergaduh ke ni?" I heard someone yelled to no one in particular while the rest rushed to the Lab.
Me too. With my beloved lappie-cap-ayam.

The Lab was on fire.
No fire.
It was full of smoke.

"Anybody injured?" I asked few girls while holding my lappie-cap-ayam tightly.
"Takde sapa rasanya," answered Saerah, who insisted I called her Era.

The fire brigades came minutes later.
I did not take any pics.
It's Friday afterall. I didn't have much free time on Friday.

Later I learnt that the chemicals which not yet identified just burst.
Burst just like that.
Why oh why it chose 11.11.11 to burst is beyond me.

This is the first time the fire brigade comes to my workplace.


Akhirnya hari yang ditunggu tiba juga.
Orang lain yang tunggu.
Saya tak.
Hari ini pasti akan berlalu macam biasa.

Pergi kerja, balik kerja, makan dengan mom, balik ke12A, baca buku, cuci kain, sapu sampah, mop lantai, dan tidur. A perfectly-normal day.

Except pagi tadi pukul 6 pagi saya siram pokok bendi. Hari panas sekarang.
Mungkin saya akan masak kek buah kegemaran my mom petang nanti.
Mungkin juga saya akan berkebun, kalau hari tidak panas sangat.

Atau mungkin saya akan berjumpa dengan Anuar Zain.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Catatan di pagi hari.

Naik lagi..
Hari-hari naik.
Makin hari makin gumuk.

p/s tu gambar 5 kilogram yang lalu

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Thank you, is all I need

Today, senget-senget saya bawa daging korban kawan-kawan.
Because even at the time we should go home, he don't even come and pick it.
I've known him for 11 years already.
He won't come.

"He don't even say thanx either!" I complained to Jie.
Kenapa Jie? Sebab saya kera sumbang. Tak ramai kawan yang sesuai saya nak bercerita hal yang kurang baik.
"Ala.. cakap je kat dia sama-sama" Jie cakap.
Hmmm.. maybe some other time. I was speechless just now(read: breathless).

On something unrelated.
I have a new bag. Souvenir from Singapore.
Baik kan kawan saya?
Oh bukan dari Jie.
Kawan lain. Yang kasi saya sepasu pokok sup petang ini.
Saya suka dapat hadiah.

I saw Zana watering her plants this evening.
Since Azhar, her hubby was not home, so we had a long chat.
Which ended with sepasang baju Pandu Puteri bertukar tangan.
My baju was too small nowadays. (salah baju tu)
Hers is not so big for her anymore (salah baju tu jugak).
So I got hers, and mine... disposed!

This morning, while having breakfast, a friend served a plateful of bubur durian.
While others had to helped themselves, he make an effort to hand it to me.
As he put it when others complained "Sebab Norizan selalu tolong saya".
I don't remember helping him. I think it was the other way around.

Actually, it dawned to me that I had a few wonderful friends.
Why do care if the-not-so-close friend did not saying thanks?
I don't.
I wish I don't.

Pasang lilin di tengah hari.

Mak saya suka guna bidalan bila kasi nesihat.
Subuh-subuh sepiee ni saya teringatkan mak.

Ceritanya berkait-kait.

Minggu lepas saya temankan Yatie melawat Laili, bekas anak muridnya bersalin. Janji pukul 5.30 petang tapi saya datang awal. Saya takut waktu melawat habis.

"Eh dia bersalin kat swasta la, buka hospital kerajaan" Yati kasi tau sambil ketawa.

Jadi kami pun pergi melawat. Baby masih dalam incubator. Laili, suaminya dan ayahnya ada di dalam bilik yang sangat selesa. Ada sofa, televisyen dan bilik air sendiri. Penting tu. Saya rasa sedih pilu bila ayah Laili cakap.

"Lepas ini abah rasa teruskan saja rawatan di sini, tak perlu pergi hospital kerajaan lagi, nanti tak serasi dengan kamu".

Untuk rekod ayahnya cuma peniaga di pasar saja. Dari sebuah gerai tolak sampailah dah ada 2,3 biji lori. Mereka memang bekerja keras. Dia pun cakap gitu sebab Laili selalu demam lepas g spital gomen.

Me: Sedih pilu la ayah dia boleh suruh Laili follow up kat situ.
Yati: Kenapa? Diorang memang banyak duit la.
Me: Kita ni, bila sakit, beraturlah g klinik kerajaan sebab tak mampu.
Yati: Hahaha ha'a hari tu kena bayar RM70 kat Klinik * tu pun, rasa berdegup gak jantung.
Me: tu la pasal... hahahahah kata je gaji ribu-riban.

Jadi saya pun teringat, seorang selebriti yang mintak bantuan ribu riban untuk membiayai kos jururawat peribadi dan rawatan di hospital swasta.

Me: Dia ada anak kan Nik?
Nik: Ada la dik
Me: Then apa masalahnya nak amik jururawat peribadi?
Nik: Kerja kot.
Me: Agak-agakla. Nak g treatment kat private lagi tu apa hal?
Nik: Orang sakitla ko ni..

Hahhahaha.. betul tu. Tak baik mengata orang sakit.
Tak nak kasi sudahla.

Apa kena mengena dengan peribahasa tu?
Maksudnya bersedekah pada orang yang kaya. Ada hasil?

Nota kaki: Kalau tak mampu, hospital kerajaan sentiasa ada.

Muffin Choc Chips

It just that I couldn't sleep.
Woke up at 3a.m. and baking.

I thought it would be tempting if I spread the choc chips on top of the muffin.
Turns out, horrible.
The taste?
Extremely awful.

I tell you.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Tahun ni tak buat korban

Honestly, I missed having korban at #18.
I missed the crowd yang kenkadang tak kenal pun, reramai at the lawn.

This year, my mom decided, dia x tahan dah ngan atap bocor.
So rumah dirobohkan, dan bina lain.
Plannya siap before raya.
Tapi tak.

So we spend our raya, memindahkan barang, mengecat, membuat barang dan makan-makan.
We had lemang, as usual.
At night, Acho's friend came, so he wanted to have nasi beriani, gulai kawah kambing, ayam masak merah, acar nanas and some dessert, also our family's favourite, sup tulang.
We planned to have barbecue as well. Kambing panggang.
It was drizzling. No fire no grill.
By the way, Acho did not came home after Maghrib. Dia je yang tau resepi nasi beriani tu.

Last2 Nik la yang masak. Sangat skema ikut resepi dalam

"Ko buli Nik ye, napa balik lambat, terseroyo Nik tau", Nik cakap ngan Acho when he came home at 8.00p.m.
Terseroyo tu Bahasa Perak. Maksudnya, tekejut yang amat sangat.

"Laa.. lembu tak nak naik lori. Jenuh nak tunggu" said Acho.
Biasalah. Musim korban.

Macam-macam kita korbankan.
Yang penting kasih sayang tetap kekal abadi.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Time slips r MC?

Itu ayat sungguh ungrateful.
Normally I'll take cuti rehat for hospital appointment.
Which was supposed to apply a week earlier, we have been reminded about it, many times.
Me, being me, I forgot.
It was after Asar that I checked my card, and I waited for my neighbour doctor to come home.
Then, on second thought I felt silly. Very unethical la kan..

So at night I went to his clinic, luckily a female doctor is on duty.
Masa saya muda-muda saya kawtim je dengan boss kalau dah last minute macam tu. Tapi saya dah tua, tak sepatutnya tak ikut peraturan.
That's why I need the doctor's help.

"Just ask from the hospital" said the young doctor.
"Cannot, they just issued time slips" said I.
"Kalau saya, saya kasi je" I wished I could see her on Thursday.
Anyway, I got what I want, and prayed janganlah jadi apa-apa.

Actually I never asked MC from the hospital ever since I did follow up treatment since many many years ago. One of the aunties works there, lagi lah saya malu kalau nak buat perangai.

"Doc, I forgot that I had an appointment today...", there I started my plead.. The nurse took out time slips... I was nervous..
"The thing is, my workplace is quite far, and after waiting at the pharmacy I still could not be back before 2, so the time slips could not help me either".
"Where n as a what?" asked him.
"Guiana* (bukan lokasi sebenar), and I am a babysitter".
"Oh.. boleh saja" can I hug him?

When I left the hospital, I couldn't believe my luck.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

kerja Gila

Since last Saturday I woke up at 4.50 a.m.
Actually the alarm was set off at 4.50 a.m, I left my (not so) cozy bed 10 minutes later.
Do the usual (haiya.. no need to elaborate) then started "doing" this "kerja gila".

Then, I have to rush for work.
Normally I left home at 6.45 a.m.

Anyway, I couldn't do so lately, until finished the intended task. It is a work related task.
Today I am slightly late.

Speaking of late.
One day, I was late because I met an accident.
Someone asked me, "may I know why you are late" of course dia cakap Melayu.

"Oh.. I m sorry" said I.
"Ni bukan masalah sorry, ni masalahnya bla bla bla..." there, free saja saya kena ceramah pagi tu. Long-winded, irrelevant, too harsh, no supporting details, a mere baseless statement without hard evidence, make short- A CRAP.
"Kenapa yang tak boleh datang awal, boleh saya tau apa sebabnya?" dia tanya lepas kasi ceramah.
Saya tengok muka dia. I smirk. "Tiada alasan yang logik, my fault" saya cakap dan pergi.
Saya tak suka buang masa dengan orang yang rasa dia sama level dengan Tuhan --> rasa dirinya Yang Maha Berkuasa.

I laughed my heart out when a few of my close friends complained about this Yang-Maha-Berkuasa-attitude of this particular person. I found it super funny. At least dia sangat konsisten, bukanlah saya sorang je yang kena.

Pernah tak korang "ceramah" orang tanpa usul periksa?
Korang dengar je dan tak jawab-jawab apa-apa kan?
Saya pun, mak saya pesan, orang yang banyak cakap ialah orang yang bengap.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

keep up with the Joneses

Pernah tak korang kenot sleep because ur gang semua ada sneaker Reebok, dan korang sorang je yang takder, masa sekolah dulu? Ngaku je la..

Pernah tak ikat perut masa study dulu sebab nak beli latest handphone, faded Levi's jeans, leather loafers and bla bla.

Someone I know, menangis coz dia sorang je takde henbeg Coach.
Saya sangat faham perasaan dia.
She's well off, tapi still xder beg Coach (sekarang dah ada 2,3 rasanya).

Tak lama lagi might be she's upgrade to Birkin r Anya.
I mean - fashion comes and go.

Last weekend I was with the ladies who are so besotted with Fossil.
Nope, not the pre-historic dinosaur's fossil.
They reminded me of my younger days.

The time when every one wanted to outdo one another.
As usual I was on the sidelines.
Always on the sidelines.

p/s dapat tak kesan nada sedih pilu dalam entry ini?