Saturday, January 29, 2011


Jan 24
Saya rasa kawan saya ni melampau gila... he works from 7a.m - 7p.m. When the rest of us work 6hours a day.
I am supposed to ferry the kids for Centralised Training, but he took over n later come back in the afternoon for teaching until 6.45p.m. After that coaching until maghrib(?).
I don't say it often, but please... Buat yang patut2 sudahla geng, sok kalau sakit sapa yg susah?
(So, my dear PEMABUs for this reason i really have to cancel my AGM attendance)

Jan 25
Centralised Training. Meeting new teammates, meeting new peoples, meeting datelines, meeting n meeting.
Wayy passed lunch when finally back to workplace. Had a quick snack with Kak Sal n As (saya lapar giler). I had laksa n warm water. Once Kak Sal went home, I headed to staffroom, prepared handouts for tomorrow class, marking books, fill in the big broad register book, checked messages from students n tulis nama siapa yang x siapkan kerja untuk hari ni (sampai hati korang eh....)

Jan 26
Centralised Training again. Went to pharmacy, preparing for the trip. Meeting with teammates (again) and briefing and starving (skipped meals again)
Workplace- routine (prepared handouts, marking worksheets, checked messages, fill in claim forms for kids allowance)

Jan 27
Routine check up@HTI

Jan 28
Submit Weekly Report. Meeting 4D for 8 mins only. It's Shazwan birthday, we sang the birthday song at d top of our lung. (seriously i missed them badly). Dashed to Tapah. Had meeting n final briefing before went north for The Race.
Jauhnyaaaaaaaaaaaa... kena konvoi lagi. Stress betul sebab risau tercicir, (am d only women driver in the team). Well.. rasa nak jatuh kerusi bila diberitahu tuntutan Tol tidak diberi dan disuruh ikut jalan lama. Hilang akal? Of course we prefer to fork out our own money for the toll fare than risking paying RM300 for speed trap. ("It is awful, u kan kenal ramai orang up there.. x ble ke u bisik2kan all these thing?" saya cakap dgn Jie pada satu hari tahun lepas tentang isu yang sama sewaktu kami sedang makan. Jie pandang saya macam nak telan dan itulah sekali saya sebut perkara ni. I take it as either "take it r leave it".. n here i m again)

Jan 29
The Race. The coach a bit 'hangin' sbb girls turun lambat. My fault!..
Only one girl qualified for National Race. Drove back, another tiring journey.

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