Wednesday, January 19, 2011


1. Ate early
Fyd lost her appetite (why?), Kak Sal was nowhere 2 be seen, and I juz had 30mins break. So I had nasi beriani n ayam cili n warm water only RM1.50. (Biar betul korang ni..)

2. Kenanga
Oho.. oho.. oho..
Collected Rm4 for fine.
Kenapa susah2 nak bayar kalau boleh dapat percuma? So I rephrase the rules n regulations once again.
The worksheets r free, kalau hilang denda Rm1. Incomplete -RM1. Easy peasy.

3. Muka askar.
Make claims for the team. Tedious. Time consuming.
Hev too. If not nobody would help the team in future.

4. The hush-hush
Me : Somebody congratulate us, but i dunno how 2 respond. We juz came 2nd..
Him: Mcm masuk kolam xder ikan tetiba jumpa ikan.
Me : Oh? macam tu ye.
Him: x penah lagi.
Me : Oh.. gud job then. but dis one i rs x jujurla.
Him: Siapa?
Me : The usual, because he mentioned d number of rep when he oso get d same number. Jgn ckp apa2. Biar kita sorang je sebut. Ngumpat ni.
Him: *smirked* (tidak menjawab langsung)

5. The plan.
29th? no way. Hev Pemabu AGM.
Him: Then who?
Me : u? can aa?
Him: x ble
Me : The other one?
Him: Dia? Kalau aku xder jgn harap dia nk g
Me : Sangat manja la.. but I really can't
Me : Don wan.. u can?
Him: cannot, hev 2 go to Ipoh
Me : juz 5 left. Alternate.
Him: Jangan harap dia kalau aku xder..
Me : Weii x laratla org manja sgt ni.. hehhehe

The Other One (TOO) was in deep discussion with many many many people. No way to interrupt. Send text msg. Signaled. He read..
TOO: hehehehehehe (sambil geleng kepala)
Me : G la.. i don wan.. bising2 lg x nk
TOO: Don wan. No needla
Me : Yeww.. biar betul
TOO: I'll talk 2 him dis afternoon.

6. lunch@3.30p.m
mushroom soup, ikan goreng n carbonated drink (entah apa2). watched tele with Acho.

7. went back 2 12A
mommy insisted on bring home soto. nice. no need to cook.

8. catfight
dia x dgr, gelak2 buat bising masa miting. (biasala budak2)
u shud be more tactful.
dia yg start..
but u r HEADBOY
n dont write it up on ur facebook wall.. u r supersenior dude..

nite peeps. hows ur day?

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