Sunday, January 09, 2011

Dah lama x shopping..

"Mak Andak, boleh tak kalau Zudin nak iPod Mak Andak, kalau Mak Andak tak guna la"..

Nik came home yesterday for our neighbour's son wedding. Zudin, Nik's son has a way of making my heart melt... Even if he asked for kapal angkasa i might find it for him, you see... It is the way he asked. Besides, I would not travel anywhere in the near future so i don't really need the iPod.

Out of respect for my bro-in-law, I informed him, "iPod lama tu bang, beli masa g China dulu tu. Orang dah jarang guna pun". Entahapa2entah. Padahal he never ask, saya takut kena marah sebenarnya.

That is the child in me. Why do I bought things I don't really need? Things I could live without?

Before went home they stopped at 12A. I just so love having them around even for just a quick dinner.

Aishah searched for hats which we bought during trip recently. Zudin and An played Twister (An called it Main Pihak Kaki Tangan). Along and Nadia played Congkak. I had spent lots on indoor games kit so that when they came, the adults could spent some quality times (read:menyembang)without worrying about the kids safety.

After dinner, they had to start their journey home. That's is when Nadia pulled my hand and ushered me to the wardrobe.

"Along cakap baju ni cantik Mak Andak", she hold a turquoise chequered shirt which I bought in Malacca during an excursion trip last year.

"Kalau muat ambik la" Well... I know the answer... Nadia called her sister, Along tried it on.

"Kecik sangat, Along x muat" dia buat muka sedeyy

"It is an XL already Long, nak besar mana lagi?" I asked, yeah... I know the answer.. Along buat muka tambah sedih..

"Diet tau, kalau awak kurus nanti, kita g shopping sama-sama, baaaaaaaaaaanyakk baju kita boleh beli" i pat her shoulder..

Ha'a ye... dah lama betul x shopping.. ermm

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