Sunday, January 02, 2011

Herpes Enchephalitis

It's Sunday. The last Sunday before the 2011 resume.

A dear friend from faraway land just texting that if he had a chance to further his education in Malaysia, he will go. Prior to that he just send a new year wish n asking why we lost touch. I had a very bad year, that's what I told him. He never ask. We were classmates 6 years ago. Until now our friendships remained. The texts really make my day...

There is a good friend whom I knew since he was single, courtship (ngan org lain), engaged (ngan orang lain) n married (ngan orang lain jugak). He divorced recently. We are still good friends. I like him because after all those years, I think he is the only one who could read my mind very very well. Eventhough I tried my best nak mengejas-ngejas cerita but he always get the point. He understands my lawak, while some others tunjuk muka blur.

Of course there is Jie. Tempat minta khidmat nesihat. I wrote about him many times already. So redundant.

There are few people that I should not name. (termasukla ko len eh..)Who always stay with me through thick and thin. The one that I always go n share my qualms, my hope n my deepest secret.

Besides few people, I don't have many friends. As I am growing older, I have an issue with trust. While I can talk about fish, plants, vitamins, adverbs (haha) n radiation from dawn until midnight but I feel awkward to talk about myself. Except in the blog la kan..

This morning I was so flabbergasted when a friend told me someone told her blablabla about me. This is the third time already.

The first time she said I was bising-bising to d clerks because they opened my letter.
"Where is the letter? I didn't get it at all?" I squealed (really) when the clerks seek me to clarify. Of course I would get mad if someone open my letter, hey I RARELY get any letter.
"Akak ada bising2 ke xder ni" asked the clerk.
"Mestila bising.. mana suratnya? kasi la weh" suara sedikit tinggi.
"Mana ada surat. Orang tu je yang sampaikan kata akak bising2". dia cakap.
"Tapi mana suratnya? Janganla main2 kasi la, akak x penah dpt surat, sapa kasi?" nada tinggi.
"Tak ada!!!" the clerk bernada lagi tinggi.
"Then? kenapa pulak akak bising?" oh saya konpius.
"Tu la pasal. Org tu la dtg n tanya betul x, sbb siXXX yg cakap. So kitaorang cakapla x penah. Kalau akak bising-bising xkan la kasi duit raya smer (masa tu bulan puasa)". clerk cakap.
"X pahamla.. kan akak x penah dapat surat peribadi kat sini, mcm mana plak citer ni?"
"Itu la kitaorang cakap, apsal nak bising2, surat pun x penah dapat.." kami ketawa.
"Saja kot itu la kitaorang cakap kat orang tu, kita ni rapat mungkin dia saja nak rosakkan hubungan kita semua ni kot" dia cakap lagi. Serius, dia yang cakap. Saya rasa ini sangat kebudak-budakan. Tak kuasa saya nak melayannya.

Zaman I don want to fren her, so u don fren her oso dah 20 tahun berlalu. Please la..

The second time, it was last year. Nak tulis pun saya segan. It's tooo degrading. Too humiliating. But like the first one, somebody else denied it for me. Somebody in the form of Zana, my trusted friend-cum-neighbour.
"Stop. Jangan cakap lagi. Tapi kalau dia masuk dalam longkang nanti, maksudnya akakla yang terajang tau" saya cakap sambil ketawa sedih. Sampai begitu sekali, patut Yusuf Haslam ambil dia jadi penulis skrip.
After 2 years, skrip dia x berkembang pun spt yang dijajanya so I guess she'll find some other pastime.

She did, same scripts (degrading, humiliating, preassumptions bla bla) with many different characters. Some retaliate, some switch on ADA-AKU-KESAH mode.

And this morning, I found out saya kembali menjadi pelakon di dalam filemnya.

I think this particular person suffered brain damage due to a rare viral infection called Herpes Enchepalitis. Memory is so foundational to friendship. If we are not even friends, how could you fabricating so many stories about me la weii? Where is the foundation?

So I re-read HE article on Time, Nov 1 issue (page 38-43). I don't know. It says, there is no cure for memory loss. Primitive memory aids-diaries, photo albums, reminder alerts on electronic devices remain the most effective tools for helping amnesiacs cope with their condition.

I scoured, if there is anything that would suggest, when HE happens do the victims resort to building new memory (a.k.a creating n fabricating lies) but nope. There's no mention about it.

Maybe penyakit lain kot.. But it is still amazing. Even she is NOT in my circle of close friends (and other who she had worked overtime to humiliate too) she seemed to know many many things about us. Some r such so apa-apa-sangat but she make-a-total-makeover until it become oh so very sensational.

In the past I brushed it off as something so insignificant, now is no different.

But with d like of social network booming I am just so curious if she would go online with her 'antics". That might be interesting. However, since last year I kind of pitied her. The more she badmouthed others, the more negative things people said about her. Sadly most are from her closest ones. *kami ternganga*

She must be lonely being grumpy n crabby like that. After all the serious allegations that she had done, some don't even want to invite her to their house anymore. Not even on their wedding.

Sangat kasihan...


Anonymous said...

even x paham langsung pasal i pilem.. but yet im still reading.. why..huuwaaaaaa....makin kosong...

Anonymous said...

i need a scriptwriter, can i get he/her phone number? huhu

Kengkawan said...

Anon #1 (i know u)
Thats becoz we have KIMIA (dalam botol)..

Anon#2 (whoever u r)
huhu back