Sunday, January 09, 2011

Hujung Minggu.

Ada ke orang nak tau what time I woke up on Sunday? xder kan... so no need to tell la kan...

I spent some considerable time bersukan n later watched telly. prepared brunch, Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis (couldnt find ikan masin that's why) and orange juice. Read the Time latest issue and later bake Choc Cake.

After mopping the floor I visited Zana. She wanted my opinion on retirement card which she prepared for her colleague. Suffice to say, our taste is diff. We googled for some images and by the time we agreed on a sample, it was the time I should switch off the stove (I bake a cake remember..) Afterall Zana is busy knead the dough for Roti Canai

A greyish Pesona halted and parked in front of 12A. Another at #12. Obviously my neighbour had a family gathering. He had 13 siblings, honestly I forgot how many siblings does he has. It's been a very long time since i last talk to his mom.

The sight of many people make me so embarrassed to cross the road. Kalau saya tau ada ramai orang nak datang ke rumah sebelah awal2 lagi saya dah balik umah or may be I would not put on the gaudy sarong. I wore sarong and boyfriend's chequered shirt (no, i don't have a live in boyfriend but that is what the pesen is) over my chilli red bajurumahtangga- CRB (whatever that means). Since the CRB is made of China Silk so the Sarong tend to londeh all the time. I had to walk slowly and hold the Sarong if not memang sah la jatuh kat tengah jalan.
(note to myself- lenkali pakai baju yg sesuai bila keluar rumah).

To be frank, bukan orang pedulik pun, so after a while I managed to cross the road without the Sarong fell off. Switched of the stove and melted the chocolate for topping. Once done, I swept the floor, packed things and mopped the kitchen (again).

After a long holiday I had hard time to wake up early in the morning. My biological clock need time to adjust to my working life again. Ishh..

Then, Yatie called, she wanted to know if Zana home. Zana's mother is a tailor, and Yati wanted to send some cloth for dress. Being a CNN myself, I texted Zana asking her to come to 12A.

After 10 mins all the three of us were seated among the pile of cloth and errrr food. Zana brought Egg sandwich. Besides the Choc cake, I prepared some keropok lekor and ginger lemon tea.

Zana n I were drooling over one piece of Yatie's cloth. It is a viscose with an orangish flower motifs. Cantik giler.. By the way it is Yatie 6th cloth this month. Today is like... the 9th of January. Sangat sewel ok..

It was 7.20p.m and getting darker when Yatie said she should be leaving because she have not shut her window when she left home, 2 hours ago.

Because the food was still aplenty, we insisted that she brought home some... Zana went home after Yatie that was after she spent some considerable time looking for her tudung. Sangat pelupa.

A few things ehem.. NEVEr change..

hows ur weekend pal?

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