Friday, January 14, 2011

macam entah apa-apa ceritanya

"Adik saya kerja cikgu, sibuk betul, bawak kerja sampai balik rumah." said the man at the petrol station.

"Kerja cikgu memangla macam tu. Kita tertipukan, dulu kita tengok cikgu kita masa sekolah mcm relax je kan", honestly I m sucks at making small talk.

"Tertipu ye?", said him, flashing his even teeth.

Btw, I just learned his name today, after few months exchanging pleasantries. That is because he asked for my e-mail address as he said, "untuk bertukar-tukar fikiran" (whatever that means!)

E-mail? Come on when was the last time u open ur e-mail? I gave him my facebook ID instead. He gave his. That's how I learned his name, because he use his full name as an ID. Me too. I like facebook, no secret identity, not secrecy whatsoever.

Honestly either orang sibuk or not, it's not depend on the job or position or whatever. Pemalas would always be pemalas even elected as a Prime Minister of England (sapa suruh vote la kan).

Take our library assistant, Norizzatul Hasliza for instance (same facebook id), she always find something to do, even though some people with the same position would sleep and sometimes slip out most of the time, and get away with it. Contoh sahaja, tiada kena mengena dengan mana-mana pelanggan Encik Mark Elliot Zuckerberg.

These people like Iza (as I fondly called her) makes the workplace bearable and worth living. ( lap u sis)

And of course a few friends who make me sometimes puzzled, "what have I done to deserve this?" slips my mouth more often these days.

Let's start with Fid (the one who gave durians two days ago). Precisely at 5.36a.m this morning she texted, "akak ari ni i brought bubur durian. please bring tupperware if u wanna bring home some".

Me? bubur durian? tupperware? Gila ke tak nak...

With my poverty of adjective, I would not make justice to how much I appreciate the offer. She brought the bubur durian enough for the whole staff, but I was the only one who bring the tupperware. Dengan rasa tidak bersalah saya mengandaikan bahawa hanya saya saja diberitahu suruh bawa tupperware. (ayat coverline)

While I was minding my own business, another friend (better not name him) peering from glass door and reminded me to get the form for something because the application period ended err on Jan 15th. Because both of us were born in the year of ox, I noticed whenever he gets something or achieved something or maybe doing something, he will drag me along. Dulu-dulu tak rasa apa-apa pun, at one time I felt slightly annoyed because it meant I have to do extra work but then as we get older, and the life becomes more complicated, I think it is so sweet of him to never leave me behind.

Anyway there is a few things I don't like either. But a good and trusted friend make it so apa-ada-kesah.

Yesterday Lan asked me to sign a letter, and he briefed me what he was up to. I was err.. flabbergasted because before, it is an open secret among us that I am a passenger. Apparently KC has other thing in mind.

I just smirked. Seriously, if KC wanted to get his/her way very much, silakan. I m so done with anticnya. So I juz listened to Lan's and smirked. That's all. I m done. period.

Then 50 minutes before the school ended, two girls handed two packets of yummy marble cakes.They had Home Science class today, and save their first lesson product for us, sooo sweet. One for me and another for Ilyas. They couldn't find Ilyas at the RC workshop. I don't want to walk to the workshop either even though Ilyas told me he was in the workshop when I texted him, need to finish marking ASAP. It's been 2 days delayed and I am afraid next week the kids complain.

"Mana ada kita buku, kan buku kita pada teacher, teacher suka macam tu tau, kalau kita lambar teacher marah..." this is among their favourite *sigh*. I hate drama...

Before went home I left the cake on Ilyas red RxZ, and texting him again.

Bid goodbye to Kak Sal (because we punched out together), to Iza who came to punch out at that time and the Pak Guards.

Once home, mommy was preparing lunch and I swept the floor. We had lunch when Acho came home, fried ikan kembung, sayur lemak kobis n tauhu and sambal belacan. After that they (Acho, mummy n adik watched tv) while I left for 12A.

"Jangan lupa bawak ikan kembung dalam peti ais tu ye, ada 5 ekor mak beli, dah siap siang pun" Pagi tadi memangla saya pesan ngan mak mintak belikan ikan kembung, tapi taklah sampai banyak sangat...

Well... when the man at the petrol station asking a few personal questions like (saya tak mau tulis), seriously he had asked the questions before. I REMEMBER gave him a vague answer previously, maybe, the sight of ikan kembung n bubur durian (courtesy of Fid) intrigued him.

Anyway. I believe in consistency. So the answers are still the same. As vague as possible.


kak Erna said...

tak de la pulak nampak orang jual durian..bubur durian..memang satu rumah suka ni..semua nak boh durian..
bubur jagung..letak durian.kacang..durian..pulut hitam.durian..

Kengkawan said...

awal musim kot kak...

nanti bila masak, panggil tau heheh