Thursday, January 13, 2011

'teething troubles


Yesterday I woke up feeling energetic, because I had set time to start my weekly workout. I'll walk to school twice a week. Yay!!

Unfortunately, (why do I have to use this unfortunate word is beyond me) it was still dark at 7.00a.m. n I don't have the courage to brave the darkness.. Sorry. I waited for 10 minutes before started my journey.

Oh... why oh why there is always an angry hen at Mak Cik Limah's backyard? When I was small, whenever I passed her house I had to wait for her to shoo the angry hen away. This time around Makcik Limah did not come out, guess she didn't expect someone walking because, well it's been ages since children walk to school in our block.

Few minute wasted to fend off from the hen with 6 chicks. Yeww!!

I walked as fast as I could passing swamp. 30 years ago, there was a beautiful small stream where we spent many afternoons swimming together. For some unknown reason we called it swamp instead of stream. Now the stream became smaller n hardly anyone could swim anymore. Once lush green bushes bordering the stream now replaced with oil palm plants. That is why I have to speed because the road is very narrow and quiet.

I might reach school on time if not for few motorists who stopped and offered a lift. Most are my colleagues who also on the way to work. The thing is, NOBODY walk around here anymore.

Then passed through the wet market. I put on my "muka-askar" to avoid any small talk from the kampungfolk that I know since I was 7. Managed to arrive on the nick of time, not before "tunjal bahu" a boy who smoke in front of me. (mind u it is in the CCTV, the tunjal act of course, he smoke outside the gate).

"Cubalah berhenti merokok, nanti paru2 awak terbakar... kan dalam subjek sains awak dah belajar bahaya merokok. nanti bila saya tua, sapa yang nak lawat saya kalau awak pun jatuh sakit?" x kan nak marah-marah pulak pagi2..

"Teacher doakan tau semoga saya boleh berhenti ye" this boy cakap dengan muka tak bersalah.

(p/s this is how I TREAT, my students tqvm)

The first period is 5S. Wohooooo... I almost lost my temper when 5 boys spent their time chit-chatting during individual practice session. I was tutoring the girls who did badly in their yesterday's exercise at that time. These girls are my rising stars, so no way I would neglect them. When the bell rang, the five boys grabbed their books (at last!) and lamented "alaa dah habis masa plak.."

They tried to copy from their peers. If anything, I hate cheater.. nope I DESPISED cheater.

"Laaa saya mana ada buku, macam mana nak buat" a boy commented when I asked him to hand in his book.

It really blow my top. "Is it my fault if you don't have A book?" . Beli saja la, apa masalah?. Some students prefer spend money on handphone reload rather than buy a 60sen exercise book. He was absent most of the time last year.

"Prioritized man!!!"" saya tak tau dia paham ke tidak saya cakap. Tapi saya cakap jugak ngan muka askar.

It really spoilt my mood. And i have like , 4 more classes to go.

The next class was 4A, They were such a doll. Later 3D. Told them I had to leave 5 minutes early because the next class is in other building and well, if I were a minute late.... (due to some OSA thingy I better not write it in this blog).

Again, I put on my muka-askar-mode and the class were as good as a gold. Still, it was 15 minutes late from the schedule before all the kids managed to execute their task today. Thank god it the final period so nobody will nag i took their period.

Waited for Kak Sal finished her class at 2.40p.m before went home together. She dropped at the junction 300m from my house. Me walking..

A few makciks yelled good naturedly, "weii berjogging tengah hari ker?" on my way home..

After a hard day, nothing could beat the sight of fresh durians which Fid gave this morning. It was fleshy, soft, creamy and we had hard time to stop eating. Divine..

Did I wrote a hard day? Naayyyy... it is a typical day actually..


en_me said...

vahhh.. dah musim durian kahh

Sueozana said...

Smoga drahmati Allah slalu..

Hmm..Teaching is a noble profession. How i wish i'm one of the teachers, but i'm not..

No matter how hard, with limited time-frames, you able to conduct your students, educate and mold them to be a better generation. Alhamdulillah..

N..that's very awesome of you, when you managed to go home, enjoyed your durian peacefully.. Save some for me ye? hehe! Have a nice weekend dear!

Kengkawan said...

en Me
nampaknya begitulah... jom balik kampung hehe

Kengkawan said...


thanx, it's so sweet of u..
n the durians too (fid yang kasi)