Sunday, January 16, 2011

Untuk Zana

Zana n I, in 2009 waiting for our flight at the crowd morning departure hall, LCCT
8 hours later, gallivanting in Beijing Ch. Headed for our dinner. We had mushroom soup, lamb grill, all sorts of vegetables and hot tea.

Me n Tasha.. showing off the expensive pink viscose dress which i could not afford even after discount.
Tasha gelak besar when I told her the reason I asked her to snap d pic together on the first day of 2011 season.

Tasha : Don wan la.. why not juz u?
Me : Cannot, she wont know I wear her dress to school.
Tasha : Her dress? R u serious teacher..
Me : Yep.. she gave me 2 days ago, no longer fit. She gains weight.. already make 5 baju kurung hehhe
Tasha : She's shorter kan?
Me : Slightly, but the tailor make it a bit longer than usual for no reason. What a coincident..

p/s Juz now Zana send me a plateful Nasi Ayam enough for 3 people. She looves cooking and has a knack in it, but I failed to see ape-ke-he-nye dia suka hantar banyak untuk saya.. She knows I m on diet, if not who is going to inherit all her baju?

pp/s secara x sengaja saya dah habiskan nasi ayam tu, n felt really guilty about it :(

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