Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not an Uphill Battle

Nak cakap pun saya tak reti, but the lappy is NOT compatible with any LCD screen gadgets. I happened in March 2009 after the apa-ntah-namanya-virus eat up whole documents on the eve of audit season.

After re-format, even our Penyelaras Bestari, could not solve the problem. The only solution is buy a new one, but with my current financial status, idakla gamaknya.

2 days ago, helped my beloved 4D set up their class blog. Actually all these boys are net savvy, but still they being kura-kura dalam perahu... We snapped pic for the first blog posting..
l-r Iham (siap awak nanti), Zulkurnain, Imy n Zulikhwan. The boy yang saya pegang beria2 tu, is Zaimy, eventhough he is 16 years old now, di mata saya dia masih lagi macam kanak-kanak berumur 12tahun, sewaktu saya ajar dia tuisyen untuk peperiksaan UPSR

Another pic- ok
Ilham dah x buat muka dah..

I looked forward for the kids post(s)

p/s Jangan cakap ngan diorang, but i think they r adorable, the very reason why I can't wait to go to work..

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