Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What you give you get back

(gambar ehsan di sini)

It is an open secret my favourite shoes is KasutCapPenguin. Due to its durability and comfy. Anyway because of the financial constrain (ehem..) for daily use I prefer something err.... cheaper..

Five years ago I stumbled upon an orange store with "Gedung Keluarga Anda" tagline. I love orange, but wasn't keen on budget store (whatever that means la kan). The products ranged from houseware (sudu, periuk garfu) to lingerie.

It offered lots of shoes. Sadly to say, the quality is questionable. The heels are bit shaky (use your imagination). Anyway, I keep on frequenting that store to look for shoes. At one time I bought 3,4 pairs at a go.

The reasons are the salesgirls. Two friendly young Malay girl who were so funny and will go extra miles to entertain us, and the rest of the customers. Their warm personality really melt out heart and our pocket too...

I myself, couldn't stand pushy salesperson. These girls never ask me to buy anything. They just giggled and shared the perasaan-sewel-suka-try kasut.

Sadly these personality traits never adopt by the Tanjong Malim Branch. The salesgirls are very lack of enthusiasm attending to the customers request. Jangan kata nak jawab bila orang tanya, muka masing-masing macam baru makan mangga muda je.. huishhhh

Maybe their meagre salary affected their common sense as well. I don't know.

Last night I read an interesting article by Jake Canfield about goes extra mile. Here's one anecdote that I like most.

A man who started his computer shop, never let the customer bring home any computer components. He will pack, send it and assembled it for his customers. After that he would train them on how to use it.

As a result, his shop is the major supplier for PC in _____ (saya lupa nama tempat tu).

So, make short no matter who you are, please go extra mile to serve the clients. Whoever they are.
(macam berceramah plak dah)

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