Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Drool *

Crowded post office due to the last day of traffic summons discount.
People with thin mood.
Me too.

I shouldn't pay utility bills (note the plural form) on the last day of traffic summons discount. Albeit the discounted period had been stretch for 6 months *gasp*
I shouldn't skip my lunch either. It was 5.15p.m when I managed to complete my intended task.
To add salt to injury, it was raining heavily.

I have no umbrella.
I am not in the habit of carry umbrella around.
Served me right!

So I catwalking(kalau lari nanti jatuh) to the nearest block.
Oh... totally drenched.
Stop for a while and ...
Being a takder-kerjaya-but-tak-kaya-punya-orang, I stopped at admired. Gosh!!

14k Gold SUN Link Bracelet
Of course I didn't snap any pic.
But until now.. I m still drooling..
Life is unfair!!!

p/s the pic is taken here

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