Sunday, March 06, 2011

I m no 4

Had a great weekend my Mryam n Christine.

The last time we met was during our convo day in 1999. Things change, and there are lots of things I want to write here. Unfortunately I m so sleepy.

I went out at 9.00 a.m, drove to The C*rv* and just came back a at 12.30a.m. Damn tired and starving too.

Had a heavy lunch @chocolate. I had Roasted Oven Chicken and Iced Choc and Maryam had Teriyaki Chicken with Hot Choc. The Presentation is superb and the beverage is thick in choc. Anyway, the chicken lacked it's oomph, prefer the grill chicken@ Slim River Pasar Malam tho (boleh ke cakap mcm tu?)

Christine came a bit late. Since she haven't had her lunch, so we had the second lunch at Gerobak KL. I think (ishh) the food names r quite err.. weird, so i ended up having es teller only. It is shaved iced with red syrup and coconut milk and garnished with jackfruit, cendol and coconut flesh slice.

Then we watched 127 hours. An interesting 127 hours of Aaron Ralston's life. Stanley, Christie's hubby joined us. He left after the movie. Yam complained that she need sumthing so we had a quick snack at O Briens. Christine had Black Coffee and tuna sandwich, Yam had mocha and pie and I just had hot choc.

Next we watched I am no 4. It was awesome because sandwiched between Christine n Maryam, I just couldn't stop laughing with their non stop remarks.

I love spend times with my old friends. I just love it to bits..
but of course Len, if u read this, it would be more memorable if u were here. PEMABU AGM wont be d same without u.

On something unrelated,
the person yang marah2 semalam, keep calling today.
Well, since 8 years ago, I've met sebijik dot orang macam dia, dengan rendah hati saya tulis di sini, saya tidak mahu langsung mengulang sejarah. Pusing macam mana pun, saya pasti, kesudahannya akan sama juga. (no elaboration tho),
Jadi, saya memilih untuk tidak langsung menjawab panggilan itu.

As the saying goes,
never explain yourself to anyone.
The person who likes u doesn't need it.
The person who dislikes u wont believe it.

Therefore, I have nothing to say, anymore. Period


Citarasa Rinduan said...

kadangkala kita tak mahu perkara silam bakal menjadi sempadan kepada keakrapan persahabatan

kak pun kalau rasa nak turunkan amarah..mmg tak akan jwb call

Kengkawan said...

patutla kita call x angkat2 heheh