Saturday, March 26, 2011

O dear breadmaker.

As usual, when I wanted something misti one of my sister yang kena tolong belikan.
This time saya nak sangat sangat breadmaker.

2 weeks ago Anjang registered as AMWAY dealer n bought a breadmaker. It costs her RM80 for registration n the breadmaker is around RM850 only.

I paid for the registration fee n the breadmaker also.

Until now I haven't start baking yet.
The time Anjang sent it home, I was working in Ipoh.

And today, I'll be working too.
Seriously, I m so exhausted.

Couldn't bake on weekdays tho, coz balik kerja memang penat giler.
Typical first week after long hols I guess..
Hopefully things would be much better next week.

p/s pic ini dari google



Miss Mirror a.k.a Sam said...

Breadmaker? I pun mengimpikannya dah lama... tp mengenangkan mood baking membaking pun time anak2 cuti sekolah je dtgnya..terbantut nak beli. :D

Atie Hameed said...

sis, kang dah bako kek jgn lupe anto kat library yeeee...:)

Atie Hameed said...
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Kengkawan said...

Miss MM,
i pun sama.. ehehhe x tau bila nk start

Kengkawan said...

(tiada janji di buat)