Saturday, April 09, 2011

Azharishah & MSSPK 55th, 2011

MSSPK kicked off yesterday. 9 teams gathered at Proton City Stadium, Tg Malim. What a grand opening!
This is last year's pic, when he came second in his event in MSSPK. Afterall it is state level, d competition is stiff, but then he always wanted to win gold.

Being the youngest, his family called him Mamat. Since we felt that (sangat feeling) we r part of his family too, we use the endearment, instead of calling him Azhar or Shah as he used as his FB id.

He injured during training in March, 3 days before MSSD. Whenever i asked, he will say, "terseliuh saja, xder rezeki tahun ni".

Lepas sebulan bercuti (lebih kurangla) pada 5 April, Mamat dibenarkan ke sekolah. We accompanied him to his new temporary classroom. He was all smiled. And put up a brave face.

But then before I left he said something which I could'nt forget, maybe for the rest of my life.

"Hari Jumaat nanti saya x nak datang sekolah".

I said ook and I didn't asked anything.
Hari Jumaat 8 April 2011 ialah Hari Pembukaan Acara Balapan dan Padang peringkat Negeri Perak.

Kalau saya jawab lebih2 x tau nanti siapa pulak yang menangis karang..

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