Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beria-ria saya amik gambar part 1

Attending a course in Naza Talyya Hotel, Tanjong Tokong Penang on 6-8th AprilMy roomate is an Ustazah named Tie. Normally we would hangout with her gang because all my gangs are non Malay. No I m not racist. Tie make me promised not to upload any of her pic. Up here is Kak Za, one of her gang, in front of the leaning coconut tree.
The hotel view is spectacular. The swimming pool facing the Malacca Straits. Wunnerful!
Karang Baby x caya pulak I was there. One morning I sneaked early to the conference room and snap this pic. Fokusnya ialah kolam renang menghadap laut. Cantik eh...
Ni aerial view from my 8th floor room at nite.
Ni waktu siang.

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