Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dunia yang saya pilih

Mark Twain cakap, when in doubt, tells the truth.

Unfortunately for some people they prefer to tell lies. Lies is still lies and shouldn't have colour coded at all. Who says white lies is acceptable?

Therefore when a fella called two days ago, and repeating his not-so-true-story a.k.a kelentong I almost couldn't stop myself from answering back. Prior to that, when he repeated his fabricating version, I managed to smirk, just not to hurt his feelings.

It was something work related thingy. Even until now, I still flabbergasted with some people attitude who choose to kelentong others. What for? Didn't they know that others are doing their homework too.

I just hate it because what he said contradict with the facts. Seriously, I took it as an insult for my err... edukesen. (as usop wilcha used to say)
On something u related, I had a good time scouring the Chowrasta Bazaar in Penang last week. When I was undergrad years ago, I used to frequent the secondhand book shop.
Rows of rows old books always have a certain effect to fascinate me. I was absolutely mesmerised. Serious! As usual I'll ask, "nanti cuti sekolah boleh x saya buat part time kat sini?"

The owner who is in late 50s and refused to be known (amik gambar pun dia x nak) said "NO" without blinking his eyes.

"Mesti encik seronok kerja ni" I asked him.
"Bolehla" he answered truthfully.

Anyway something in his smile tells me it is more than bolehla. I m not talking about profits because as far as I remembered there used to be a lot of bookstore before now (on that day) there was around 3,4 stores left. He was enthusiastic about books. I've never meet someone so knowledgeable like him. When I mentioned the genre that I like, he suggested few authors whom he described as, "first class".

He even knew all the books by that particular authors. Wow!
Reminded me of Meg Ryan in "You've got mail" movie. Ish ish
But, I might come again. Maybe this time the owner would change his mind. who knows? *sigh*

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