Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where hv u been

One of my happiest moments was when watching television with Acho. He had a way making even cerita hantu seems like A-List-Comedy-Film. Currently he is addicted to a Chinese Drama Series, 8.30-9.30p.m@8tv. Till now I do not know the storyline except all the watcha-watcha thingy. Told u, I watched it because Acho glued to the tele night after night.

Tonight, we were enjoying the drama (I m not sure which one is the hero because suddenly the attire seemed so different) when two angry ladies came.

They were accompanied by their 2 kids. Seriously, I wasn't too keen on entertaining anybody during my happy-hour but hey, it's parts and parcel of my job. Besides, one of them is my childhood friend.

I invited them inside but they were much too furious for anything.

Their daughters haven't come home yet and they were worried sick. Who didn't?
They've tried to call but to no avail.

One of the best thing, whenever d kid doing mischievous they just love to drag their teacher's name into it. The kaberline goes from tolong cikgu X, temankan cikgu X, ada tuition dengan cikgu X, cikgu X suruh bla bla bla.

4,5 years ago, two students were caught red handed doing something very-very awful (better not write here). So, one of them used my name to escape, once I learnt about it, I went straight to them and asked them to repeat what they have said. Nope, they did not repeat it, so I slapped them both very very hard. Until now, no one dared to use my name to back up their wicked plan. Guess words spread fast.

Honestly I really do not know what I could do to help these 2 mothers. Seeing that they are fuming mad, made me shiver too.

Luckily, her husband called and informed that the kids returned safely.

'suruh tunggu di situ semua sekali, jangan masuk rumah" she scolded over the phone.

"beb, sabar tau, anak2 ni dah besar, janganlah marah dpn orang, malu dia" I mumbled softly, gila kau, dia marah sangat silap2 ngan saya pun dia marah...

"ok, ko pun tegur-tegurla dia sikit" she said shortly.

"tu lah masalahnya, dia ni baik, x pernah melawan, rajin plak tu, tapi kat luar mana kita nak tau" I spoke sincerely, because i really like these girls. "Budak2 ni memangla kena marah, jgn dia buat lagi, tapi marah dalam rumah saja ye, jangan sampai orang dengar, x sesuai dah ngan umur dia nak leter dpn orang" Seriously these girls are such a doll, and I adored them all.

If given a choice, I preferred kena tempeleng than kena bebel.
Kena tempeleng sakit kejap tu je, terkejut dan tak berani nak buat lagi sebab tau orang tau serius lebih-lebih lagi kalau memang orang tu x pernah tempeleng kita seumur hidup. Words hurts deeply and could lead to hatred and revenge. Sometimes could be interpret to various definition. Banyak cakap banyakla silap. Kenkadang benda yang tak kait mengait pun diungkit-ungkit..

Goshh.. x sempat tengok cerita cina tu sampai habis.. isk

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