Friday, May 06, 2011

Cerita anak-anak sedara

Last month I took seven of my anak2sedara to Giant Kota Kemuning. Prior to that we had lunch at a fast food joint in Bukit Rimau (sebenarnya saya tak tau nama tempat ni). We went to Giant because there is a bookstore that I like. It's not solely of the bookstore that makes me frequented the store. The main reason is kerusi urut in front of the bookstore.
I gave them some money to splurge and then enjoy the kerusi urut moment. At the same time I could monitored them in scouring for the book that they want. Killing two birds with one stone. I like!

Nadia, Iman, Aisya, Athirah, Alia, Adib and Izlan love reading so much. The truth is Adib and Izlan couldnt read yet, but when it comes to shopping they also extremely excited.

Later we had snack at Subway. Still, these kids absorbed in reading while waiting for the sandwich. Senangnya nak jaga.

I don't know why I write this today.
Maybe I kinda miss them. *sigh*


Atie Hameed said...

ala pun rndu anak2 saya yg 10org tu..hmmmm...:(

Kengkawan said...

sama la...
dah tua rupanya kita..