Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cuba kira..

Hari dah malam, kawan talipon mintak tolong. Sangat urgent.
Anda tolong tak?

I did not.
Juz came this morning.
To check on this particular person condition.

Me : Who help u out last nite?
Dia: Labu dan Labi (bukan nama sebenar)
Me : Sorry, I was too far couldnt come on time.
Dia: I know.. No sweat.
Me : Sangat baik la Labu dan Labi considering... u know..
Dia: Did u call Alice (bukan nama sebenar)
Me: Yup.. She err kinda sleepy, she said that.

It's good to hear that u r sleepy when someone is in dire need of your help.

I read in an article years ago. How many friends that willing to help u out in middle of night in your mobile contact list?

I m afraid my friend juz slashed a number which once belonged to someone who used to hang out together. What about you? Have u tried?

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