Monday, May 23, 2011

I Know... I should not read Mastika!

One of the job ethics that I am supposed (I did) to adhere is, Guru haruslah mengesan, menerima perbezaan individu di kalangan muridnya dan membimbing mereka memperkembangkan potensi mereka dari segi jasmani, intelek, daya cipta dan lain-lain. (rujuk kat sini)

It all started weeks ago when I accidentally read an old Mastika. I read Mastika since I was small, but stopped abruptly 4,5 years ago due to the scary current content. At my age, berita takut2 just not my cup of tea anymore.
Found it at my friend's place. The issue was, black magic.

"if u really hate someone would u see shaman?" I asked my fren matter-of-factly.
"heh!" just simple answer.
"Know what, I just don't give a damn about all these crap" I added and related one funny incident.

Once Et told me about a clerk at her workplace who refused to go to work. She said she saw HUGE entity who haunted her at the workplace. Said somebody send black magic to threaten her.

"Kak, kalau sayala nak hantar hantu jembalang, baik saya hantar kat boss yang selalu suruh kita macam2 tu, daripada hantar kat akak" Et make it lightly. And the clerk just kept quiet.

The truth was, she's being haunted by ALONG, the cunning money lender. After default payment, Along became bold and harassed her at her workplace. It was an open secret.

But my friend did not laugh at all.

"I believe it happen" my friend spoke quietly.

Jiran dia, dah 2,3 orang jatuh sakit. Pergi hospital kata xder apa2. Seorang tu kena sakit yang pelik-pelik dan sampai ke akhir hayat tak sembuh. Pada pagi hari dia meninggal, suspek bernyanyi-nyanyi di halaman rumah.

"Maybe he don't know there was a death" I tried to reason.
"Everyone knows, the arwah was on deathbed for a long time. Besides they were neighbours" to make matter worst, my friend looking behind and all around. Spooky!

"Hey... goosebumps hah" seriously my friend really makes me wanna jump off my skin.
"My mom said, he will know if we talked about him" My friend hesitated and.. I almost collapse.

"Good thing is, he was struck by lightning recently," added my friend.

Semuanya berlaku dalam rahsia. Tiada seorang pun jiran dimaklumkan, malahan ambulans pun tidak dibenarkan membunyikan siren. Kebetulan ada sedara kepada sedara kepada sedara jirannya bekerja di hospital. Berminggu-minggu di hospital, tapi tiada ahli keluarga yang maklumkan kepada jiran-jiran.

"Do I know him?" I decided cat won't be killed by a mere curiosity.
"No way, ignorance is kind" that's a song lyric, I know.
"So that I could be more careful, any of his children that I know?" again, trying my luck.
"What for? Doing u nothing good" my friend still wasn't convinced.
"So that I won't do something wrong to them for fear that they will retaliate in the way that both of us couldn't think of" seriously I was feverish.

So, this morning, the kids were quite frantic. Nope, did not scolded them though. I just said something about sending them back to their place - a kindie opposite the building. They laughed, and one of them jokes,

"Ce*, Ce* dah kecik kan hati X. Tengok dia x puas hati dah" The class laughed simultaneously . The blood drained from my face.
Of course they were only joking, but... I don't know. Somehow I felt so uneasy.

"X sorila, gurau je tadi" i shouldn't say that, but I did.
"Tak ada apala Ce*, dia ni pandai-pandai buat cerita" X gave her friend a nudge.
I smiled nervously.
The fact that X's father has a knack in Black Magic didn't help too.

I know.. I shouldn't read Mastika again

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