Monday, May 02, 2011

Nak kurus

d last time i doa nak kurus was in 2006.
i WAS kurus because suddenly berjemaah penyakit datang. nothing serious but sangat tak puas hati rasanya.

seeing my own pic during penang trip, i almost did not recognize myself.
if not for the clothing, of course. i look terribly ehem ehem even in my XL attires.
the above [ic was in 2008, thats my fav cargo pant. sadly i have to forget it for an unforseeable future *sigh*

managed to shed 3 kg since then though.
wasnt easy, but after a night visit to the nearest hospital (sewel) i just determined to be a wee bit slimmer than i m at that moment.
7 kilos to go.

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