Tuesday, June 14, 2011

J-P-B Day 2 (Versi gambar dipinjam dari google)

Day 2 June 9, 2011
After breakfast Pak Yupi drove us to Puncak, around 100km from South Jakarta, West Java.
Puncak (English: Peak) is the popular name for the area surrounding the peak of Mt.Gede-Pangrango, located in the Bogor-Cianjur-Sukabumi regencies, in the province of West Java,Indonesia
(more info read here)
Maaflah. Saya tak mau pergi lagi ke sini. Jalannya sempit dan sesak. Kawasannya berpenduduk padat dan ada banyak gerai di tepi jalan, tapi memang cari nahas kalau sengaja nak berhenti. Saya rasa kehadiran ramai penjaja yang menyuakan barang dagangan sedikit merimaskan.

Nothing new. It's similar to our own Cameron Highland. Tea plantations, flowers, vegetables, strawberries and all. Only, I think Cameron Highland is a wee bit well managed. Anyway, if you love unique houses with beautiful landscape and great colonial buildings, hey this is your place!.

Oh I forgot.
I do love the scenic small towns along the way tho.
No. I won't come again, unless there is a highway. Haha.

Had Nasi Padang lunch at Simpang Raya Restaurant.
Dunno whether Baby took pictures or not. Famished!.
Before we entered the restaurant I told Ibu Mary, "please, no more freshwater fish.."
So she ordered, ayam rendang, daging rendang, telur lemak, keting lemak, singkong, ikan masin, begedil, cucur jagung and ayam penyek. Also Padang signature dish, sambal ijo.
Gosh!!! definitely awesome.

On our way to Bandung, we stopped at a few shops.
A snack shop sells kerepek pisang cheese (yes! CHEESE), kerepek balinjo, 5,6 types of dodol and all kind of pickles.
Next stop- a factory outlet. Didn't buy anything tho.
Before checked in to Chiampelas Hotel 1 (yes, there is Chiampelas Hotel 2) we toured around Bandung.
I read somewhere it was called a Garden City. But then I saw a banner in busy road stated that Bandung is the City of Lights. Dunno which one is accurate, but seriously, in my humble opinion Bandung is very amazing. Shopping haven, great food, friendly people, scenic mountain views, cool place to hang out with family and friends. Last but not least, the unique buildings are also very impressive. Wish I could explore more.

Had dinner at another Simpang Raya Branch opposite the KFC and on its left is a Factory Outlet, which I don't remember it's name. Good price and I must say a real bargain!

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