Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not funny!

Had these not-so-secret discussions with 2 of my best buds, since..
well since the unfortunate phone call last week.

I've wrote how ill-treated we were by you-know-who.
Until we (as in all the gang) have to beg for RM80.
We forked out much more than that, still rewarded RM80, after much begging.

Then came this unusual request.
Asking for doing something unusual, in an unusually short noticed with the unusual.order,
"come and pick the cheque". Of course, with an unusual minuscule amount.

We had a good laugh. The three of us.
Some people has a very short memory.
Some has no respect for the old sayings, "once bitten, twice shy".
Some has better things to do instead currying favor.

Some has no fear of Almighty at all.
Some people (like us) has mouth to feed, bills to clear MOVIE to catch.

Sorry dude.

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