Saturday, June 04, 2011

Taking for granted?

Ermm.. Uhuh.. Well...
I don't know about others.
But for me it is very very important to be appreciated.

Nothing much.
A simple "thanks" will do the trick.

This particular person called me months ago, seeking help for something which is I really don't mind. Seriously I don't mind helping this particular person out.
After spending ALL my free time "doing' it. I handed it safely, on May 13, 2011.

Yesterday, this particular person called again.
"Could you do me a favour?"
You bet. I turned down.

As far as I am concerned.
There was no thanks, muttered or exchanged.
No calls or text message to say he/she got the 'things' that I have done for him/her.

Let me put it straight.
A simple thanks, would be more than enough.

Mesti masa kecik2 mak dia lupa nak ajar.


Kak Rose said...

typical malaysian... nak ucap terima kasih pun susah! sllu sangat jumpa orang yg cam ni...

Kengkawan said...

ntah apa2 kan kak..