Sunday, June 05, 2011

Waris Zainuddin?

"Akak macam x ok. Kat mana ye nak register?"
The pretty guard (serious, she's too pretty to be a guard) pointed to Emergency Room. I repeated my question twice, because I do not feel nice to burden the Emergency Staff at 7p.m on Sunday night. She's persistent.

Had no other choice. After spend some considerable sum on Forex (but NOT on Tenge, Kazakhstan currency- sedihhh) I couldn't afford private clinics. The last time, it costs me RM78.

Pay yourself first.
Yeah.. I know. It's the golden rule in all motivational book. But then, I've already paid for a-cap-ayam-holiday-abroad which for my cap-ayam-salary really burnt my pocket.

Seriously, I felt bad had to go to Emergency Unit when what I really need is a jab which could cost me around RM78 which I don't have at the moment. How I wish money GROWS on trees!

There was an ambulance ahead of me.
I worked hard not to stare. Afraid that it carries some bloody victims kind of. It was drizzling. My mom had handfuls of spooky stories about dusk and drizzling. Her way of making sure we're home for Maghrib, I guess.

Do you know that ER operates in colour coded system?
Red for Critical - you'll be attended on the spot.
Yellow for Semi Critical - Waiting time is 15 minutes.
The rest are treated as Green - have to wait for 30 minutes.

Later I knew I was for Yellow.
I sat beside a once a hell of a beautiful lady. (Apsal saya nampak smer orang cantik?)
At late 50's, she still possessed her youthful charm. She sat gracefully, and very composed too. She wore a fern green sarong, with matching tea green blouse and a moss green lycra headgear.
Honestly I don't really sure about the colour of her blouse, all those shades of greens confused me.

"Suami makcik tadi tu asma. Tu panggil ambulans dan bawak sini", she explained after I asked her and that was after she asked me if I'm waiting for anybody. The answer is not.

"InsyaAllah nanti okla suami makcik tu" honestly I dunno what to say.

Later she offered me some more information about her husband and family. I admired her calmness. Of course she worried, after all she was all alone by herself. I would not imagine what I'll do if I were in her shoes.

It was then, I really couldn't stand the pain no more and excused myself for a free row of backseat. Another patients came, and a lady sat beside her.

At 7.15 the nurses with face masked came out and called out several times, "waris Zainuddin ada?".
It took me few moments to register that they are calling her. By the time I wanted to signal her, she already headed to the Red ER.
Years of watching ER and Grey Anatomy taught me to read the doctors body language. A deep sense of grievance. Having watched all this from slightly ajar door, I failed to see the same response from the Makcik.

You see, in the drama, bila doktor cakap yang sedih-sedih, the next-of-kin would breakdown and said, "Oh no!!", dramatically. Siap jatuh2 kerusi lagi.
That what I expected. When there was none of that I felt relieved and smiled at her reassuringly from across the room when she exited the Red ER.

She signalled her hand which all Malaysian know as "Sudah Tiada".
She went back to her seat and sit up.
No one consoled her. No one knows what to do. If she weep uncontrollably, it's different matter.
She just sit and took it as, I don't know.
May be she just confused. May be she still tried to chew the news. May be she make an effort to pull herself to be strong in front of her offsprings who yet to be arrived.

Finally, my turn came. After a jab, I asked the nurse on duty if I could leave early because I live alone and the medication always put me to sleep so I am afraid If didn't go home promptly, I might no be able to drive as well that would be such a shame because it is ER afterall.
Yup. sometimes I talked too much.
I must say, the nurse is so considerate. She went extra miles to pick the medication. It means a lot when you r down the weather.

Tried to find the makcik, on my way out, but was told she was beside the deceased. Saw 2 ladies (probably her daughters) rushing to the Red ER with teary eyes.

I know exactly how that feel.
June 19 won't be the same for them this year.
How cruel, it was only two weeks before Father's Day.


p/s taught me to avoid ER if I could afford it.


Izan Hasrin said...

Sedihnya.. couldn't imagine that makcik's feeling upon receiving the news.. aduhaiiii.. :(

Kengkawan said...

neither do i izan.. sedih kan..