Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hows ur Sunday?


1.Woke up - gardening until 9.00a.m.
2.Washing clothes.
3.Had breakfast - 2 mugs of piping hot tea (no sugar)
4.10.30 a.m. Went out to Sunday market.
-Bought 3kg of Mangoes - Rm10
- Newspaper - English and Malay - RM3.50
- 8 fresh squids -RM4.50
- Chicken - RM3.00 (I frowned when the seller add some more because he said he dunno how to charge because it was 'too little".)
5.11.30 a.m. went home.
-cleaning up the fridge.
-cooking time - tomyam and fried squid.

12.00 has lunch. Yummy!
Then read newspapers
- read The Women Weekly - July Issue - fill up some contest forms (x penahnya menang pun)
- sweep the floor (pagi tadi x sempat)
- recite Quran (kejap je pun)
- continued reading yesterday's newspapers and entah bila2 punya newspaper which I haven't finish reading
- sedar2 hari dah hujan (dunno when I fall asleep.. iskk) well so grateful, save me the trouble of watering the plants today.

1. Had early dinner - well.. lunch leftover.. mencii
2. After Maghrib, drank another big mug of hot tea, with a piece of toast, butter and honey spread.
(seriously, I felt guilty after eating..there goes my diet!)
3. Checked neighbours' houses.
(jiran kiri x der, kanan pun xder, depan pun xder... thanks god jiran belakang ada pasang lampu means ada la tu kot malam ni... i m positive tho by midnite they'll come home.)
4. Watched Tahajud Cinta@tv3
macam bosan je, tapi ada Aaron Aziz hahahha

How's your day guys?

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