Thursday, July 14, 2011

kesiannya Part 2

If only I have Coach handbag I definitely won't have to visit the canteena twice. First to have quiet breakfast in the morning, second at around 9.50a.m. to pay for my brekkie. I accidentally left my wallet and in a hush hush manner, let the makcik kantin knows I'll pay once I finished my class.

There, a few ladies were consoling-cum-advising the 7 months pregnant buddy. She is sweating. No it wasn't the humid weather. She's in horrible pain.

Took her to the clinic.
She's still in great pain.

I m so sorry for her.

Me: exhausted sangat kot?
She: Maybe. Semlm tu bangunannya sangat tinggi, on top floor pulak, and the toilet jauh.
Me: ler... Kenapa u yg pergi?
She: Supposed orang lain, tapi lepas tu dia x mahu pergi pulak.
Me: Nantilah I'll talk to him... mana ble macam ni... kesian awak. Jangan macam ni lagi ye..

Waited until she finished the check up.
Then left her at musalla, waiting for her husband to take her to the hospital.

I had a choice not to interfere afterall bukan saya yang mengandung dan masuk hospital.
The matter would be forgotten and everyone would be happy except me and the pregnant lady, knowing that the injustice have been done.

Or see the person in question, give my piece of mind so that he won't do it to others. He might put me in his blacklist and give me cold shoulder treatment. Worst, his circle of friends would jump the band wagon too.

no need to think.
get well soon sis!

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