Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh Severus, how could you after all these time?

There are a few things that make me slightly unhappy this week.
Tread water. That's it.

I wrote a complaint letter on behalf of Adik. It took me quite some times after I finally settled on my choice of words. I do not approved the way he dealt with 'that party' in the past, and I wished to continue our family good rapport with 'that party' in years to come.

Then, there is one discussion that I think such a waste of time.
Years ago, I suggested to hire a lawyer and "saman" the other party as the last resort. It was after years of default payment thingy. Unfortunately, my siblings "pangkah" the mad idea and "pangkah" norizan adnan as well.
That's it. They dreaded my ideas but haven't come up with any solution. It was forgotten, until recently, and the discussion just resurfaced.
Nope, I didn't take part this time. I refused to be of any help at all.

A best friend of mine, talk bad about another best friend of mine on Wednesday.
I bit my lips, trying hard not to answer back. He was furious, so I don't think it will bring any good if I backed another best friend of mine. I felt terribly guilty for that. I believed best friends always stand up for one another.

On Thursday, I bought a set of square dinner set. Both Adik and Mom thought it was hideous (we went to the shop together). I felt slightly hurt when the next day no one use the new dinner set even though I make an effort to keep all the pinggan mangkuk at the kitchen. My mom even took out the 20 year old arcopal dinner set to avoid using the square.

Uda went to get her Convo Robe on Friday. So I asked her to buy 3 packets of Muffin Mix.
for the Feast with the tamanfolk. Nope. She did not know what the Muffin Mix is, did not asked until she reached the shop. She tried to call and I didn't bring my hand phone at that time so I couldn't be reached. End up she did not buy any.
"Oh ok.." that's all I said. If I cared enough for someone, I would probably asked the shopkeeper what Muffin Mix is and maybe bought 4,5 things with Muffin labels on it.

Oh... its such a perfectly-normal life.
With all of ups and downs

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