Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pagi yang gelap.

(psst gambar dari sini)
After a long wait, finally yesterday Acho agreed to fix the leaking tap at 12A.
Wasn't succeed, somehow the bla bla bla is not compatible with the bla bla bla.
See.. I don't even understand what Acho trying to tell me.
"Biarla Cho, ase keluo ayo sudahlah"I told him much to my brother's dismay.
If he could get his way, mesti dia ajar saya baiki kepala paip tu.
Just like how he taught me to change the flat tyre, fixed the faulty lamp and all.
That's another story tho'.

(gambar amik dari sini)
"Boleh tak kita pergi rumah murid Andak?" I asked him on our way home, at around 6.20p.m.
"Kenapa?" He asked back.
"Dah lama dia ponteng. Nak pergi tanya khabar"

The house is 40km from my house.
The said boy wasn't home. He went fishing. Met his miserable mom.
"Banyak kali makcik nasihat, dia tak mahu dengar" I know she's telling the truth.
Waited for the boy until Maghrib but after 7.30p.m and still no sign of him, I had to say good bye.
The makcik gave me some rambutans. Very thoughtful of her.

Once home, I was totally exhausted.
I even missed NCIS@8tv. sheessshh

And this morning.
I borrow a cane from Mr Azhar.
Went out for a certain class.
They were playing football on the field.

(ni bukan gambar saya, saya amik kat sini je)
"Semalam tu ponteng ke memang tak datang?" I switched on my muka-askar-mode.
Of course I knew the answer. I do have a list of those.
It's only preliminary text so that they knew why they were flogged with rattan cane.

I knew. Some quarters love to brag how outlaw the punishment is.
Me too. Once.
After 11 years, I converted to "spare the rod, spoils the child" method.

By the way, it is the first time, in my 11 years I use the rattan cane.

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