Sunday, September 11, 2011

Raya masih ada

Been telling the kids about the Raya Feast since mid Ramadhan. It is a yearly grand occassion. All classes is required to hold an open house. It was a convivial party as far as I remembered. Supposed to be.

"eleh kitaorang bukan nak datang pun" came a reply.

I did not make up a story when I wrote this. There were times, I felt like to throw them through the window (this is Mrs Tan - my ex-english teacher famous lawak).
"Saya tak pernah datang pun sebelum ni. " replied another.

"Babe, I malu la ngan my colleagues kot our class x buat jamuan. Budak Form One pun buleh organized majlis", sometimes I called the babe, sometimes yang, you olss when I interrupt their friendly discussion, sometimes kengkawan when I am giving instruction -ikut situasi. That's what Ms Faridah ex-English lecturer taught us.

A day before the feast I had a brief discussion with Ecah and Mie, the monitor and assistant, while the rest were forced to complete their handouts. It is another lesson I learnt from errr magazine kot. Or maybe from some motivational books, make it like THEIR decision.

We agreed on a duty roster. There are 19 tasks namely sediakan breakfast, bawak pinggan, hiasan khemah, sediakan minuman, penyambut tetamu, sediakan goodies untuk parents dan kebersihan. We had a draw. Lesson #2, be people's people. So I also have to pick a draw. I got sediakan pinggan.

"Teacher suka sangat la tu" sometimes kids could be cynical.

Main dishes is provided by school - Nasi daging, gulai kawah, jelatah and some fruits.

We only have to prepare the kuih raya, which I asked them to bring on Friday padahal the feast is on Saturday. Lesson #3 - always take the deposit. Hahaha..

"Teacher, boleh tak nak rasa kuih ni?"

Lesson #4, kalau ngan budak-budak jangan berkira bab makanan, bagi. It's from my mom. Pantang tuk nenek dia if we keep food from the kids. So half of the kuih raya was completely missing-in-action on Friday morning.

I slept at 2a.m. that night, baking cookies and making nasi himpit and rendang. The life of me, it was the first time I stayed up, memasak. I NEVER prepared raya rendang, tu keje kakak-kakak saya.

Arif woke up at 12 m.n when he found me still in the kitchen. Acho did not sleep until I switched off the light and mommy's first question when she woke up at 5.30a.m. was

"jadi ke rendang tu?"

Instead of dah masak ke, she asked that question. Cess!

The feast started off at 7.30a.m. At 7.10a.m nobody turned up, saya cuak giler. Mazrul came with breakfast ten minutes later, followed by Atun and Atin another 15 minutes after Mazrul. Other class have prepared their spread, whereas we DON't even have a table.

I took out the duty roster and the three of them called the person in charge. Guess they too felt embarrassed. Luckily I have to prepare some slips for parents. When I came back, every was in places except one.

Fatihah : Teacher, teacher, teacher.. Amera patut beli perasa minuman tapi dia tak datang. Fatihah dah kasi dua ringgit, boleh tak teacher tambah sikit duit?
Teacher: tak boleh.
Fatihah: kenapa tak boleh teacher, nanti malu lah tak ada air minuman.
Teacher: Biar sajalah tak ada air minuman, itu kan keje Amera.
Fatihah: Tapi Amera tak datang teacher..
Teacher: Kenapa dia tak mau datang? itu kan tugasan dia?

I went away for another task, when I came back Amera was there (so does the ayo kaler hijo) and she said she was sorry for coming late. I suspected her friends called her and forced her and said "datangla, teacher tengah marah giler babas"

Why oh why they have to jual my name?

In the end, I really enjoyed helping the kids organising their feast. I hope they too.
Hopefully next year, saya boleh jadi cikgu sekolah, sengih-sengih dan makan-makan sambil dilayan oleh anak murid tersayang hehehe.

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