Monday, October 17, 2011

Cinta Elisa

Despite Fasha Sandha look extremely "matured" in this drama, I still watch it.
No. I am not the fan of Johan Asari either.
Saya minat Aaron Aziz je.

The story is amazingly interesting and out of this world.
Nope, if you want superpower, superhero thingy, please switch to Supermak played by the ever beautiful (tapi muka dia dah lain sikit sekarang), Nasha Aziz.

In my humble opinion, after watching all those cerita-korporat-yang-merepek-repek-dan-tak-berapa-nak-masuk-akal this story is basically revolves around today's reality.
I watched it since the first episode and I was hooked.

Camerawork, biasa-biasa je, pelakon pun biasa-biasa je, if not for the storyline, Cinta Elisa is only a biasa-biasa je.
But still, do watch.. sangat best.

p/s kenapa diorang kasi Fasha Sandha? She's beautiful but a bit "older" to be a college girl.

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