Thursday, October 27, 2011

Saya suka artikel ni

In view of the recent world issues that have clouded life with a number of miseries, what with war, the rising crimes, and the natural disasters, the world has become a tougher place to live in. Thus, we are more in need to find comfort and a safe place surrounded by people we trust and love. These people have become an important entity in our lives.
They have been called angels, they have been called saviours, but more than anything, they have definitely been remembered as the ones we love till the day we pass on. They are our friends, the true and loyal ones, who will stand by us no matter what.
Friends are those who are there for us come rain and shine. They do not judge, they do not rule. They listen and they reach to us. The best thing about them is that they accept us, tolerate us and respect us for who we are, no matter what we are or where we come from.
I can never imagine life without friends. How dark it would be, how insipid it could be. The saddest thing about life without friends is that loneliness sneaks in and takes upon itself as our soul companion. it brings with it heinous feelings of dejection, self-deprecation and desolation.
In due time, the bogus pal shuns our hearts from being discerning of people and in the end, we attract bad and manipulative company to step in and take over our lives. They control us, hurt us and they break our hearts. While some of us manage to struggle through, many of us may drown in its sorrows. However, for the lucky ones, real friend emerge and they embrace and protect us from the evil ones who inflict pain upon us. Can you imagine life without friends? Or our whole life only to be surrounded with superficiality?
Some of them leave us and live their own lives as we grow apart, but as friends, we will never ever fall apart. Those who live among us will be with us and look after us, some become families and others bloom to be our soul mates. For those who are not with us, they will remain in our hearts and keep us in their thoughts. For when the time calls and when we are in need, rest assured that they will be there for us to stand by us as best as they can.

Let us count our blessings and remember the friends that we have by loving them unconditionally and gratifying their companionship through kindness and compassion. Although we may lose them through acts of nature and unforeseen circumstances, we keep them in our hearts and never lose them from our thoughts.

We are defined by the people we love and for the reasons for loving them. So let us thank our friends for being there in our darkest moments and above all, for making our lives worth living for.

Source: Azmi Samjadga, A Tribute to Friends


Miss Mirror a.k.a Sam said...

A Friend is someone who knows all about us and loves us anyway..

Kengkawan said...

yup very true..
love us no matter what.
how lucky if we hv one:)