Thursday, October 13, 2011


Another Tepen trip yesterday.
For a day course in Hotel Seri Malaysia.
I didn't snap any pic tho.

Once, saya pernah jugak bercita-cita dah duduk di Taiping, or Tepen as the quaint town fondly pronounced as among the Perakian. Saya pun pernah bercita-cita nak duduk di Alaska jugak lepas tengok pilem "The Proposal", saya ada banyak cita-cita yang belum tercapai sebenarnya, but that's another story...

The course was superb!.
Serious!. I don't mind spend RM30 for toll fare and another RM50 for fuel for such an excellent, well done info.

Sebenarnya cerita ni tak kena mengena sangat pun, tapi saya nak jugak tulis, napa eh hotel tu macam tu? This is the 3rd time I went to HSM Taiping. Firstly, was in 2007 (rasanyala), then a year later kot. At that time I took the nieces and nephews to Taiping Zoo.

This time around I did not stay there, so could not say anything about the room and service. It just that I don't see any improvement on the food and beverage. How much was per head allocation? The food was ermmmmmmmmm... not so appealing to the eyes and taste. So to speak.

Sekian sajalah komplen saya hari ni.
kalau ada sedara mara di HSM, Taiping tolongla sampaikan.
Tapinya kalau saya pergi Tepen, HSM tu tetap jugak jadi pilihan for safety reason. hehehhe

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