Friday, November 11, 2011

2/11 - Bomba datang berlumba-lumba

Around 10 a.m. ( I guessed it was 10.00 because I lost track of time since my jam teki teki has been conked out for a week) we heard a racketing noise from downstairs.

"Ada yang bergaduh ke ni?" I heard someone yelled to no one in particular while the rest rushed to the Lab.
Me too. With my beloved lappie-cap-ayam.

The Lab was on fire.
No fire.
It was full of smoke.

"Anybody injured?" I asked few girls while holding my lappie-cap-ayam tightly.
"Takde sapa rasanya," answered Saerah, who insisted I called her Era.

The fire brigades came minutes later.
I did not take any pics.
It's Friday afterall. I didn't have much free time on Friday.

Later I learnt that the chemicals which not yet identified just burst.
Burst just like that.
Why oh why it chose 11.11.11 to burst is beyond me.

This is the first time the fire brigade comes to my workplace.

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