Sunday, November 13, 2011

2/13 - Ladang Cluny, Slim River

Ironically, life is full of foreshadows.Azam, Dey and I stopped at Cluny Estate last year on our way home from a Citizen Science Project in Sungai Bill. I read something on groundwater project in that estate and so curious about it. Well, too bad the guard did not let us in :(
On Friday, Atikah Kamat accidentally left her lappie charger at workplace. I offered to send it to her house, partly because she is the one and only colleagues who will texted me when I was under the weather and mainly, the groundwater project never failed to make my curiosity grew.
Atikah's husband just transferred to Cluny Estate this year. The security was tight, in order to enter the premise, I have to mention the host name. Then a guard lead me to the house by his motorbike. Their house is surrounded by oil palm trees and has a well kept lawn. Very serene.
This is Atikah's only daughter. Showing me goose egg. They prefer dried leaves.
The eggs are bigger compared to A-grade chicken egg.

By the way. This is the first time I see goose eggs. Thanks to Atikah.
Besides, that was the first time I see the groundwater tank too.
I dared not take the pictures.
Kang kalau kena saman, tumpo teman nak membayonye Yob!

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