Sunday, November 13, 2011

3/13 - Meranti Cafe, Hotsprings Sg Klah

Talking about foreshadows...

7,8,9 years ago (my RAM sucks!) I was in Suria Resort, Pangkor Island, attending a course. The handphone signal was very poor. Shared a room with a nice lady in her late 40s. She was very quiet.

On our last day, we rushed to the door when we heard a dramatic cry..
"Jah.. di mana kau Jah, Oh Jah... mana kau Jah".
It was hillarious. She was looking for my roommate because they came together by bus. Later I learnt that she was always like that. Very funny.

I joint them, board the bus, instead of asking Acho to fetch me.

How time flies!
Today I attended her retirement party@Hotsprings.
Then snapped some pictures of the beautiful chalet.
I didn't plan to come, It just that I accompanied Yatie to a wedding then tau-tau je she said,"wehhh temanla kejap g High Tea kat Hotsprings".

I wished I did not put on that baju kurung.
I wished I brought something for Kak Kamar.

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