Friday, November 04, 2011

Time slips r MC?

Itu ayat sungguh ungrateful.
Normally I'll take cuti rehat for hospital appointment.
Which was supposed to apply a week earlier, we have been reminded about it, many times.
Me, being me, I forgot.
It was after Asar that I checked my card, and I waited for my neighbour doctor to come home.
Then, on second thought I felt silly. Very unethical la kan..

So at night I went to his clinic, luckily a female doctor is on duty.
Masa saya muda-muda saya kawtim je dengan boss kalau dah last minute macam tu. Tapi saya dah tua, tak sepatutnya tak ikut peraturan.
That's why I need the doctor's help.

"Just ask from the hospital" said the young doctor.
"Cannot, they just issued time slips" said I.
"Kalau saya, saya kasi je" I wished I could see her on Thursday.
Anyway, I got what I want, and prayed janganlah jadi apa-apa.

Actually I never asked MC from the hospital ever since I did follow up treatment since many many years ago. One of the aunties works there, lagi lah saya malu kalau nak buat perangai.

"Doc, I forgot that I had an appointment today...", there I started my plead.. The nurse took out time slips... I was nervous..
"The thing is, my workplace is quite far, and after waiting at the pharmacy I still could not be back before 2, so the time slips could not help me either".
"Where n as a what?" asked him.
"Guiana* (bukan lokasi sebenar), and I am a babysitter".
"Oh.. boleh saja" can I hug him?

When I left the hospital, I couldn't believe my luck.

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