Monday, December 26, 2011

Go ahead, count me out.

Saya rasa nak jatuh kerusi sebab ketawa.
Sangat lawak antarabangsa.

Actually I wrote about it here.
Long time ago.
As usual, before I made a major decision (that was kind of major to me) I seek my good friend's opinion.

"You have to", he said firmly. The good friend, I mean.
"Will u do it for me?, please.." I begged.
"Nope. It is urs, so you have to do it. C'mon... sampai bila? " He answered shortly. Jarang saya dihampakan...

It took me a few istikharah and months of sembahyang hajat before I said the line.
Just that. The gud friend urged me to be firm n precise. Besides, I hate small talks.

Couple of days ago, while I was choosing "gift' for someone who fell sick, I received a phone call.
At first, I was flabbergasted, and a bit hurt.
How could you be so mean and putarbelitkan cerita, when all I said was only those two sentences?

After much thought, let just say

A leopard cannot change its spots.

Once a --- always a ---- .(fill in the blanks).

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