Monday, December 12, 2011

Love without trust is nothing

Bukan saya yang kata.
Ni ayat Anna Fischer yang dia tulis kat buku yang dia tandatangan untuk A Shaw, main character in the novel that I currently read.
Ceh, melankolik plak novel David Baldacci kali ni.
btw, my favourite is page 50-51

He ordered for them, which was unusual. When it arrived she said,"What is it?".

"Barm brack. It's sort of a fruitcake".

"Fruitcake! Don't they use those for doorstops and to poison people?"

Shaw cut her a slice. "Just try it. You're an adventurous gal".

Anna stabbed the cake with her fork and it clinked against something. her wide eyes grew even wider as she probed the barm until her fingers close around it.

Shaw said," Legend has it that if you find the ring in the barm brack, you're destined to be married".

Oh sungguh manis...
Kepada yang belum baca, ni ayat Shaw sebelum dia melamar Anna, itupun selepas dia nekad nak keluar dari organisasi dan kerja dia yang sangat bahaya tu.
Samada mereka akan berkahwin atau tidak, kena lah baca..

Oklah genre novel ni ialah thriller.
Memang best!

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