Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10.02 - rintihan hatiku

this year the single session kicked off.

went into the staffroom n flabbergasted.
a chubby 13 year old girl sobbing uncontrollably.
3 teachers worked hard to calm her down.

"kalau awak x berhenti menangis saya campak awak keluar" I switched off my muka-askar-mode.
This I learnt 2 years ago, during athletics camp when a little girl meronta2 nak balik rumah during Maghrib, after a glass of teh tarik n muka askar dia ok je. Prior to that, berbuih2 dipujuk dia terus jugak menangis, until the camp comandant snapped at her.

"awak d*t*ng bul*n ke?" I asked her sternly.
She nodded.
"stand up" I ordered.
She did. As I suspected, her white dress is badly stained.
"Ambil ni dan pergi tukar. Jangan menangis, semua orang pun ada pengalaman ni" I told her n smiled sweetly.

Uda took her to the ladies to wash her stained dress.

Loooooooong time ago, Kak Jah, my colleague used to wash the kids dress whenever the similar incidents occured.
Talk about multitasking..

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