Friday, February 24, 2012

Another stressful week

Bukan saya la. Mine is over.

When on Monday Encik X, tunjal-tunjal a piles of files on my a total mess table while whining non-stop about Encik Y, I was really scared.
Partly because Encik X was the only one who always insisted that friends should come first and mainly, Encik X never lose his temper before.
I patted his back and said, "sudahla tu...". Something I never did for the past 10 years, since we became friends.

Honestly I am scared.
Therefore, when someone asked me to pass a bad message today, I picked up the phone, dialled the number twice. Luckily the other end wasn't pick up the phone.
Then, I send a text message, "Alamak, sorry, terdail".
Lame! It just that on the second thought I failed to see apa ke pekdahnya giving him unnecessary stress. I might talk to him on Monday about it, or maybe if things settled by then, it might be forgotten.

Just like another friend who called me yesterday.
I did not pick up the phone since I was seeing the doctor. I texted him saying my whereabouts.
"Call eh? napa eh?" I asked him ngan muka tak bersalah.
" takder apa Kak, saya rindu ngan akak je" he answered cheekily.

Ya lah sangat.
"Well, I did not finish the task u asked tu ler.." I offered my answer.
Afterall, I think that is what he wanted to ask tapi tak berani nak tanya.

Sudah sampai masanya saya berhenti menyumbangkan tekanan kepada orang lain juga.

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