Monday, February 20, 2012

I love you Fauzi Ishak.

I could not understand why the white MyVi was speeding. Had a hard time accelerating to keep up with him. Double line pun saya langgar sekali.

Then I totally lost him.
It was so sweet of the driver to call, and call, and call giving me directions.

I have no idea where I was-->; stressed.
I hate making others wait -->; double stressed
The phone calls distracted me lots -->; triple stressed

Oh Fauzi Ishak.. I wished you were here.

The 8 of us, met at the meeting point. We stopped for Solat Jumaat. Diorang yang solat, saya tak.
I was the only woman driver in the group. Gender is not an excuse for being late.

After a considerable time we continued our journey.
And I lost again and again, and again.
I was told to go straight and later turn left.

Sampai sudah xder simpang nak belok kiri. I called whoever in my friend's list, Rizlan, Sazili and Yusmahnizam. I might call Anuar Zain if I had his number. In fact, if wasn't for the kids in the car, I might broke down to tears.

In the end I managed to reach the destination safely.
Thanks to my 3 helpful friends, and another friend who lend his ears listening to all my dissatisfaction (hint: he has a new superbike which I could not pronounce) and the teammates too, whom I sincerely like and having no problem to work with in the future.

Wait.. before you think I am a retarded driver, let me ask you sama ke belok kiri dengan U-turn?
Kenapa diorang tak kasi plan macam Fauzi Ishak. Fauzi Ishak would never give vague direction, he would be very precise. He would never say anything unless he is very very sure, because he knows how terrible driver I am.

I love you even more Fauzi Ishak

nota kaki
1. itu gambar dari google
2. Kat makcik kantin pun saya cakap I love you jugak

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Anonymous said...

boleh saya tahu awak ni minat motor besar eh? where ur frenz come from? that i mean Rizlan, Sazili and Yusmahnizam. thanks~